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What will cars look like in the future? Prospective car owners have seen Xiaopeng P5: I understand

2021-08-28 01:33:53 Oriental Information automobile

“ Shape design determines the fate of a car , It's not groundless .”—— Georgiaro Automobile modeling design has evolved rapidly in the long river of time , In the past hundred years, it has entered a period of diversification , From a wagon car 、 Box car 、 Beetle Car , To a streamlined car 、 Ship car 、 Wedge car , Then to the hybrid car , Even into the era of modeling diversity , period , aerodynamics 、 Long tail fin 、 Short tail sports car 、 Right angle shape 、 Nostalgic style 、 Edgism and other designs have become spiritual wealth in the field of automobile modeling .

The so-called predecessors planted trees , Descendants cool , Standing on the shoulders of my predecessors , With the emergence of new models, automobile modeling has a new development trend , Look at the news of the new car , Take new energy vehicles as the pioneer ,“ Intellectual sense ” Become an important element . among , Xiao Peng, who has attracted a lot of attention before it is listed P5 Can be called representative , Behind its design , What kind of thinking logic ?

Appearance and shape : Create brand features

Xiao peng P5 It's a new car , It's also the hope of Xiaopeng's car “ Amount of travel ” A car with high hopes , Its appearance design has attached great importance to , There are different versions of design drawings , There is no lack of cool appearance with straight and sharp lines , But I finally chose the shape of the round surface we see now . This is by Xiao Peng P5 The positioning and audience groups determine , The car tonality of ordinary home users obviously won't go cool . that , What are the benefits of the current design ?

Xiao peng P5 Name the design “ The aesthetics of life power and intelligence ”, We start with the power 、 Intellectual sense 、 From these aspects of Aesthetics .

“ Generate power ” What does it mean ? Generally speaking, the shape is vivid , The publicity of vitality , It's a more abstract concept , Xiao peng P5 Can people feel this ? It uses a streamlined body , Slender and smooth lines , It realizes the extension of vision , The upper part of the body side is painted in the same color as the vehicle , Achieve a high degree of extension , The through chrome trim strip in the middle of the body further increases the slender feeling of the body , And make the side of the car body look less monotonous . It is worth noting that , Xiao peng P5 The concealed electric door handle is also used , It maintains the continuity and beauty of the side lines of the car body , Make the whole car feel comfortable enough , Will be elegant 、 Fashion temperament is engraved into the brand gene .

The characteristic of life is “ breathing ”, And for cars ,“ breathing ” The key is the air intake grille , The value of life is reflected in speed and passion . Xiao peng P5 Have “ breathing ” Autonomy , The active air intake grille can be closed at high speeds , To reduce the airflow into the engine room , Greatly reduce the resistance in the cabin .

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