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Development history of cetera bus kesbauer under family management quickly responds to market changes

2021-08-28 01:33:56 Oriental Information automobile

As a bus brand of Daimler group , The name of Setra is unknown among the fans . In fact, before entering the Daimler family , Setra is also famous , At that time, it was one of the top ten bus brands in Europe with Mercedes Benz . This almost affected Daimler's acquisition of Setra . Eventually Mercedes - Mercedes Benz bus business is merged with cetera bus , Form a new Iowa bus (EvoBus) company .

Let me say that the development history of Setra can be divided into two parts , Before the merger, it was a family business , After the merger, it belongs to a group enterprise . I can't say which way is better , I can only say what form is more suitable for the market situation at that time . Let's talk about the family development period first .

Setra belonged to the kesbauer family until the merger , This family is from Ulm, Germany (Ulmer) Starting to make a fortune . Just like in ancient China , In the age of uneven roads , The best mode of transportation is water transportation , And the development of this family is precisely because Ulm is close to the Danube , Began to engage in shipbuilding .

1909 George in · Keith baulkal · Keith Bauer's father, George · Kesbauer was the founder of the family , The wise old man discovered the disadvantages of water transportation early , That is, you can only operate along the river . With the development of vehicle manufacturing and power technology , The development of road transportation is faster and faster , Has gradually replaced the dominant position of water transportation . So he arranged for his third son, Carl · Kesbauer , Abandoned the family's shipbuilding technology , Apprentice in a wheeled carriage factory in Ulm .

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