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At the 2021 Chengdu International Auto Show, domestic brands rose strongly, but Honda was absent

2021-08-28 01:42:20 Oriental Information automobile

Recently, the Organizing Committee of Chengdu auto show announced that the auto show would be postponed for two days . As the largest auto show in Southwest China, Chengdu auto show is still very important , Because it will be related to the product planning of many auto enterprises in the second half of the year . So today we'll give you a preview of the auto show , I hope it will help you with your car selection plan in the second half of the year .【 Harper beast 】 First model This model of Haval divine beast was previously declared by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China , And released official pictures , I won't repeat it in appearance . It should be noted that , The flagship of this Harvard at this stage SUV The positioning of is not medium SUV, It's still a compact SUV. In terms of power, this beast is only launched at this stage 1.5T High power version of , It will continue to be launched later DHT Hybrid system , Although the power performance is not so eye-catching , But for a compact SUV It's enough .

by comparison , The configuration of divine beasts in the field of automatic driving is still very eye-catching . The car adopts 17 Two radars and 9 A camera , The realization includes high-speed lighting and lane changing 、 Automatic overtaking, including slow train L2 Add automatic driving function . The future passes OTA The upgrade will reach L3 Level of autopilot .

【 tanks 600】 The second model is also the tank of the Great Wall 600 , This car hasn't been officially unveiled yet . At this stage, there are only manuscript drawings , You can see from the appearance , This car puts great emphasis on the power of the lower row , It really deserves the title of tank . Plus shield shaped large-size grid and slender LED Matching of lamp groups , It is also very helpful to improve the overall sense of science and Technology . As a hardline off-road model , Non load bearing body plus three differential locks , That's for sure .

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