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Why do more and more poor people buy BBA, but the rich don't? Netizen: the reason is very realistic

2021-08-28 01:42:31 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of BBA I think everyone is familiar with it , They are the top three German BMWs 、 Mercedes 、 audi , At this time, our most common first-line luxury cars , And the three most popular cars .

Luxury car is the dream of every male friend , The demands are not high , Can I buy a BMW 、 Mercedes 、 Audi is good , But the reality is not easy , Many friends are shut out by price .

Why do people like luxury cars ? Because a luxury car is a symbol of identity , Driving it out has a sense of pride and achievement , In the eyes of ordinary people, BMW 、 Mercedes 、 Audi is already very good , But in the eyes of the really rich, they don't look up to them .

Why do more and more poor people buy BBA, Rich people don't buy ?

We all know , Either the boss or the rich second generation buy luxury cars , For the boss , People who make their own money and spend their own money manage their property very well , They started from scratch , So they know it's hard to make money .

These bosses know where their money should be spent , Investment is sure to make them more money , If you have money to buy a car , Never let them make more money , Because I don't think it's worth buying them .

But it's different for the rich second generation , They have no worries about food and clothing since childhood , Her parents also gave her a lot of money to spend , These people usually don't have a very big concept of money , When buying a car , Be sure to choose the most expensive car to buy , therefore BBA Such a car can't get into their eyes .

Although the local tyrants have a lot of money , But they are always in a state of fear , Afraid of being watched by bad guys , under these circumstances , They can only choose to keep a low profile , To reduce their damage , therefore , On the choice of car , And don't choose particularly popular BBA Luxury car .

The more people without money like expensive things , So some poor people borrow money to buy luxury cars without interest , Afraid of being looked down upon by others , That's the only way , When you go out, you won't be looked down upon by others .

therefore , For the rich BBA It's not the first choice to buy their car , Just drive an ordinary low-key car to meet their daily travel .

besides , What they think about every day is how to make more money , How can we consolidate our identity and status ? They don't need this car to give them face , The poor for their own face , In order to be admired by others .

therefore , In any case , We ordinary people must combine our actual situation when buying a car , Don't make a fat face , This will only reduce your quality of life , And you won't get the life you want , The car is just a means of transportation , What suits you is the best .

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