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Shuikou Town, Yanling County: "river head system" draws a beautiful ecological picture of "clear water and green bank"

2021-08-28 01:48:56 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Ling Xianfu )“ The green and clear river , Flowing slowly , Sometimes fish swim freely , Occasionally a flock of waterfowl flew over the river , The trees on both banks are reflected in the water ......”8 month 23 Japan , The first general manager of Shuikou Town, Yanling County carries out daily River patrol in Muwan section of Yushui river , Attracted by the beautiful scene in front of me , They fixed the beautiful scenery in the photo album .

Shuikou Town has developed water system ,1 A county-level River 、6 A town level River 、12 A village river 、6 A reservoir , Rivers and lakes 、 The task of reservoir management and protection is heavy .

In the implementation of the river head system , Shuikou Town is the Secretary of the town Party Committee 、 Under the leadership of the mayor , Perform one's duties , High thrust , And constantly innovate working methods , Actively promote “ River system ” A week , Fully implemented “ River system ”, Try to make every river a landscape , A beautiful picture of ecological livability is slowly unfolding .

The town has formulated and issued a work plan of river head system suitable for the situation of the town , Establish a river head system leading group , Set town level river length 14 name 、 Village river head 12 name , Ensure full coverage of patrol control . meanwhile , Uniformly set up the river head system bulletin board , Clarify the work responsibilities of the river head 、 Objectives and measures for river and reservoir management , change “ The superior is in charge of ” by “ The crowd stared at ”.

To make a good blue sky 、 Blue water defense war , The town formulates a river reservoir “ Qing siluan ” Work plan of centralized rectification action , Continue to pay close attention to the prohibition of sand and gravel mining 、 Special rectification actions such as random construction and erection , Will the river reservoir “ Qing siluan ” Work normalization .

The town vigorously promotes “ River head system, beautiful rural construction ” Working mechanism , Take the improvement of rural living environment as the starting point , Focus on garbage and sewage treatment 、 The toilet revolution 、 White garbage removal , Strive to improve the appearance of the town and village .

To promote rural revitalization , Consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively connect with rural revitalization , The town implements “ River head system ecological poverty alleviation ” A week , Combined with public welfare posts , Give priority to the people in need as river and lake cleaners 、 River Ranger . meanwhile , Combined with rural governance , Give full play to “ The folk river is long ” Mechanism , Organize environmental protection volunteers to pick up white garbage along the river , And the river is clear , Make the green mountains greener , Draw a good environment for rural development “ Background color ”.

The town also integrates the management of rivers and lakes with the development of green ecological agriculture , Vigorously implement “ Ecological town 、 Strong industrial town ” strategic , Live with your feet “ Lush mountain ”“ lucid water ” resources , Vigorously develop cold water fish breeding projects , Create characteristic brand industry , Strive to build a leisure and health land and a native experience land , Vigorously promote the high quality of town economy and society “ green ” Development .

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