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Yaochong village, Tanping Town: gold from 100 mu of wasteland

2021-08-28 01:49:16 Red Net

Red Net Jiahe sub station ( All media reporter Lei Jianjun correspondent Li Jianbing )8 month 18 Japan , Li Wensheng, Secretary of the Party branch of yaochong village, Tanping Town, led the cadres of the two committees of the village branch to the wax gourd planting base of the village to participate in labor , Busy hanging rope for wax gourd . I saw nearly 100 mu of white gourd field , Rows of white gourd vines about one person tall are growing vigorously , Under the green leaves , White gourds hang on the melon rack in a staggered way .

This year , In order to increase the income of farmers in the village , The village Party branch led the masses to transfer nearly 100 mu of wasteland to plant winter melon . according to the understanding of ,70 The harvest of winter melon per mu is expected to exceed 105 Ten thousand catties , Per kilogram 0.5 Yuan sales , There will be 50 More than 10000 yuan of income . Winter melon planting base has... On average every day 10 Many villagers came to work , The income per person per day 100 element .

Party branch secretary Li Wensheng and village cadres work in the white gourd planting base

The villagers of this village work in the base

White gourd planting base

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