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The exhibition center of PowerChina Zhihui City, the first batch of market-oriented projects in xiong'an, is capped and can be opened at the end of November

2021-08-28 02:04:40 Beijing daily client

As the last concrete tanker leaves the pouring site , Xiongan · PowerChina Zhihui City Exhibition Center was recently capped as scheduled . This is Xiong an · PowerChina Zhihui city's first single building with capping .

Rendering of Exhibition Center

Xiongan · PowerChina Zhihui city is the first batch of market-oriented projects in xiong'an new area . The height of the project exhibition center is 22.65 rice , Gross floor area 4327.69 Square meters , It is a three storey single building with special-shaped structure , Involves prestressing 、 steel structure 、 Large span 、 Technical difficulties such as high formwork erection .

According to introducing , The project exhibition center will start from this year 7 month 6 Start the construction of foundation cushion to structural capping on the th ,24 Construction is carried out 24 hours a day and night . All parties involved in the construction have organized experts for many times , The construction scheme of long-span prestressed main beam is discussed , After repeated deduction, the optimal construction scheme is determined , In meeting safety 、 On the premise of quality requirements , Maximize resource investment , Reduce construction difficulty , Improve the construction efficiency .

Exhibition Center 14.6 The high formwork erection part of the 1m high empty lobby is also one of the key and difficult points of construction . As early as the foundation construction stage , The project Department invited external experts to participate in the discussion of construction details , Predict various adverse factors , Eliminate the potential hazards and quality risks that may exist in the construction process in the scheme preparation stage . Final , Under the supervision of safety supervision station of xiong'an New Area , The scheme passes the expert demonstration at one time , It is used to guide the construction of high formwork on site .

According to introducing , The project department takes many measures at the same time , Promote the construction of exhibition center as a whole , Overcome the hot weather 、 Objective difficulties such as short construction period and narrow site , The construction period from foundation to structure capping is only 43 God , For the exhibition center project at 11 month 30 The opening-up laid the foundation .

The exhibition center will become the center for enterprises to attract investment in xiong'an's external area “ Reception room ”, It is also an industrial and commercial global experience center of the enterprise . Relevant person in charge , The completion of the Exhibition Center , It is of great significance to the development of enterprises in xiong'an .

Xiongan · PowerChina Zhihui city is located in Rongdong area of xiong'an new area 1 Plot No , The total aboveground and underground construction area is about 170 Thousands of square meters . Project contains 14 The land 、30 Lots of land 、100 Yu Building , The main business types include office 、 business 、 The hotel 、 Apartments, etc , Will be with “ Gather and carry the core strength of China's informatization and smart city industry , Build China's Digital City Industrial Base , Support and serve the urban construction and operation of xiong'an new area ” Construction for positioning . When the project is completed , It is intended to introduce non capital function relief institutions in Beijing 、 Other headquarters enterprises 、 Various industry associations 、 Professional service enterprises 、 Science and technology entrepreneurship service organization 、 Incubators and other enterprises encouraged and guided by xiong'an new area .

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