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Do not let "false political achievements" lead to "practical style"

2021-08-28 02:05:04 Red Net

writing / Wang mingdy

“ virtual ” Word in the head 、“ empty ” The word is handsome , It is an act deeply hated by the grass-roots masses . The Central Committee has repeatedly demanded that formalism be resolutely curbed , Achieve phased results . In some places, cadres' responsibilities are evaluated and assessed , To a certain extent, it has improved the ability of cadres to serve the masses . however , A so-called “ Three point working method ” New variants of formalism are emerging , Become a payable assessment ,“ Air to air ” A new form of .

The work pursues characteristic practices , Highlight experience highlights , it . However , Try your best to find highlights 、 Hesitation hides weakness 、 Overstaffing, score points, etc “ Three point working method ” Formalism , Make political achievements 、 Mixed honor 、 For fame and fortune , Not only to the grass-roots “ bring vexation to ”, It also pollutes the spirit of struggle , Out of step with the rhythm of hard work , Its harm should not be underestimated .

So-called “ Three point working method ”, Not only can you muddle through all kinds of inspection and assessment , It can create a kind of reform and innovation in front of leaders 、 Highlight , The illusion of outstanding performance , Trying to leave in the hearts of leaders “ Good impression ”, increase “ Impression points ”. However , The most exquisite formalism is just “ Fake hard work ”“ False political achievements ”, It's flattery , It's a typical style disease “ The present record ”.

“ There's something good about it , It's going to be very difficult ”. throughout “ Three point working method ” Of “ Fake handle ” behind , It is the important form of assessment and inspection 、 The root of formalism that ignores the essence . Individual inspection and assessment are satisfied with checking data 、 Listen to the report 、 Look at the scene and wait for assessment and inspection “ Three steps ”, Get used to listening to experience exchange 、 Highlights, special reports, etc “ Superficiality ”, Do not go deep into the grass-roots field investigation , Do not contact the masses and understand the reality , Give Way “ Substitute stealthily ” Of “ Experience show ”“ steal the beams and pillars and replace them with rotten timbers ” Of “ Highlight show ” Wait for formalism “ make oneself up and go on the stage ”, It has become a new round of formalism “ variant ”.

“ It still needs strong medicine to cure stubborn diseases ”, A radical cure “ Three point working method ”, Focus on grasping “ Key minority ”. Leading cadres should be pragmatic and efficient 、 Make oneself an example , No “ Make a show ”, Do not do “ Show goers ”, Implement a strict and detailed work style , Don't say hello , Assessment is not a formality , Supervision is not formal . meanwhile , Go deep into the grass-roots level and know the truth , Go deep into the masses and do practical things , Conduct in-depth research and come up with practical measures , Further promote and seek practical results . More importantly, we should reuse doers , Gao Jian cheater , Let formalism “ Fine play ” No stage , There is no market .

“ A big hole in the tip of a needle can leak out the strong wind of a bucket ”,“ Three point working method ” Wait for formalism “ variant ”, Party committees and governments at all levels should attach great importance to 、 Check and correct yourself 、 Take warning . Eradicate “ Three point working method ” The bad wind , We need a scientific and reasonable assessment system 、 Dynamic tracking management mechanism 、 A sunny and transparent supervision mechanism , The progress of the work 、 Action 、 The results are publicly aired , Fully mobilize the strength of the masses , uncover “ veil ”, Squeeze out “ moisture ”. Only so , To force cadres to abandon “ Guan Nian ”, Let go of “ distracting thoughts ”, Lean down 、 Get rid of your arms 、 Act like , Let the masses really benefit .

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