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Is "burning paper money" a "feudal superstition" or a "folk culture"?

2021-08-28 02:06:29 Red Net

writing / Xin Ye

In recent days, , Shanxi judicial administration network released 《 Regulations of Shanxi Province on funeral administration ( The draft )( Solicitation draft )》( abbreviation 《 The draft 》), among “ The production and sale of paper people are prohibited 、 paper painted with pictures of idols and burned at the altar 、 Paper room 、 Ghost coins and other feudal superstitious funeral supplies ” The provisions of the law have aroused public controversy .

The main controversy is “ Feudal superstition ” And “ Folk culture ” The definition of . that “ Paper money ” What is the “ Feudal superstition ”, still “ Folk culture ”?

First we need to understand what is “ Feudal superstition ”, What is? “ Folk culture ”? You can see from Baidu Encyclopedia ,“ Feudal superstition ” It refers to blindly indulging in belief and worship, tending to a certain character or evil sect ; and “ Folk culture ” Refers to a nation 、 Created by the concentrated people in the region 、 share 、 Inherited customs and living habits .

secondly , Learn more about , Why do people “ Paper money ”? It has been recorded in the northern and Southern Dynasties more than 1000 years ago ,《 The history of the north · Biography of Hu Guozhen 》:“ Although Guozhen is old , And Yafo ”, And the dead ,“ The imperial edict lasted from the beginning to July , They all set up a thousand monk's Zhai ”;《 The book of the Northern Qi Dynasty · Biography of sun Linghui 》:“ from ( Nanyang King ) After Chuo died , At the end of every seven and hundred days , Linghui always asks the monk to set up a Zhai .”

Because of the content of traditional historical materials , There is a view that , Burn paper for the dead and send money , Send money , It comes from the theory of life and death reincarnation of Buddhism , Make people believe that , After death , There is a soul , Belong to “ Feudal superstition ”. But more people , Especially those who have received modern science, technology and concept education , Why do they have to “ Paper money ” Well ? because , The man is gone , Leaving the survivors in grief , During sacrifice “ Paper money ” It's just a way for them to talk about lovesickness . And the Spring Festival 、 Qingming and other traditional festivals have related sacrificial activities ,“ Paper money ” Activities are also most popular in these two festivals .

The folk culture associated with Chinese traditional festivals is rich 、 romantic . Spring Festival “ Shou Sui ”、 Qingming “ Ancestor worship ”、 Dragon Boat Festival “ Race ”、 The seventh evening of the seventh moon “ Begging for cleverness ”、 Mid-autumn Festival “ Pay homage to the moon ”, All of them express people's understanding and recognition of home, country and the world , Carrying the yearning and expectation of Chinese people for a better life , Depicting the spiritual world of the Chinese nation . from “ Wang Shi set the Central Plains in the north , I will not forget to tell Nai Weng about the family sacrifice ” To “ How hard do you work after death , Good news flies to be paper money ”, It's just a sacrifice 、 Paper money ? No ! It is a patriotic feeling rooted in the blood of the Chinese nation , It's a spirit born to death , Is the hope for a better future .

Maybe some behaviors will cause pollution 、 waste 、 Compare with , But it's forbidden “ Paper money ” Such a provision can cause public opinion controversy , It's worth rethinking . What is the “ Feudal superstition ” still “ Folk culture ”? The government that needs to formulate laws and regulations needs to know more about 、 Research , Hear what the people really think , understand “ Paper money ” The spiritual meaning behind . Just as Dayu controlled the flood , Blocking is not as good as sparse. , such “ One size fits all ” Prohibition will not only arouse the disgust of the masses , It will also cut off the inheritance context and memory of folk culture

Former US President Nixon was in 《 Win without fighting 》 In the book :“ One day , Young people in China no longer believe in the teachings of their ancestors and their traditional culture , We Americans won without a fight ……” If , Just see that the new year is a new year animal , Qingming Festival is a sacrifice to ancestors , The Dragon Boat Festival is a sacrifice to Qu Yuan , Tanabata is to worship the stars , Mid Autumn Festival is to worship the moon , It's all feudal superstition , That will lay a solid foundation for others to win without fighting . But fortunately, this is just a draft for comments , I hope the publisher can find the direction of management through the replies of nearly one million netizens , Find the perfect way .

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