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Yongding war "epidemic": righteousness cuts into the "epidemic" line, bright eyes and warm heart

2021-08-28 02:06:32 Red Net

Yijian site

Yijian site

Yijian site ( Photographed by Peng Chunxiu )

Luo Yongjie disinfected with the alcohol he carried ( Hou Feifan taken )

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zhang Lin )7 End of month , The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading quietly , An epidemic prevention and resistance war started in our home , To build a strong epidemic line , Members of the two committees of Yueliangdao community 、 Volunteers are fully engaged in epidemic prevention and control , Before you know it , Prefrontal “ Flying ” My long hair is all “ Epidemic disease ” Line personnel “ head ” Waiting for trouble .

8 month 23 On the afternoon of Sunday , Luo Wenjie, an artistic and fashionable figure in Longyuan Huacheng, dayongqiao street, Yongding District, contacted community workers , The application is “ Epidemic disease ” Workers solve “ head ” Waiting for trouble . To ensure safety , Avoid people gathering , In the process of haircut ,“ Epidemic disease ” Line workers consciously 、 In an orderly line . Luo Wenjie used the alcohol he carried with him to disinfect every time he finished one , Avoid cross infection .

With scissors “ Clicking 、 Clicking ” A crisp sound ,“ Epidemic disease ” The worry silk floating in the wind in front of the thread worker's forehead becomes neat , People have become more spiritual , Everyone is very satisfied with their new hairstyle , Thank Luo Wenjie for his love , Solved everyone's “ head ” Waiting for trouble .

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