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Anti epidemic story | she only remembers one identity, that is "communist"

2021-08-28 02:06:46 Red Net

Red net moment Zhangjiajie 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Gong Chaohui ) Suddenly “ The delta ” The virus made Zhangjiajie press “ Pause key ”, Shutdown 、 Stop production 、 Implement traffic control , The whole city fought the epidemic . When passing the news 、 The circle of friends saw the news that medical teams in the province and materials donated from the whole country were supporting Zhangjiajie one after another , Wang Yuejuan's heart is surging , She responded positively to the government “ Double check in ” The call of , On the premise of personal safety protection , He quickly participated in the public servant volunteers of Jinshan Village Committee of dayongqiao sub district office of Yongding District , And immediately put into the first nucleic acid detection service in the whole village .

Because most of the village are old people and left behind children , In order to improve the detection speed , She helps the elderly who can't use the health code to open the health code in advance , Bind for children without health code ; In order to avoid cross infection in the test , Throughout the testing process , She kept shouting all the way “ Please put on the mask , keep 2 Meters away ”“ Please stay away from the test bench and do not touch the items on the test bench ”“ Wash your hands when you get home ”…… That's it , She took part in all 8 The whole village nucleic acid detection service for the second time , There are more than 4000 people in the village , One stop at a time 5、6 Hours , I'm sweating every time , Every test is always the first to , The last one to go ,8 The detection task is completed .

In order to implement the rule of staying at home , Win the battle of epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible , She and the others 2 Volunteers to the first grid assigned 66 Door to door publicity and guidance , Issue masks , We will fully prevent and control the epidemic situation and make everyone aware of it , And collect the material needs of the villagers , After the materials arrive, they are distributed and distributed nonstop , Make sure the villagers don't go out , Don't mess up the government , The villagers repeatedly thanked , She just said softly :“ You're welcome , This is what we Communists should do .”

The morning sun and dew go , Go home with the stars and the moon , Braving the heat and rain , Wang Yuejuan always sticks to the post of anti epidemic , Practice Communists with practical actions “ Remain true to our original aspiration Keep in mind that the mission ” The spiritual essence of .“ Great sound is hard to hear , Great love is invisible ”, She has a five or six-year-old daughter in her family , An old man of 80 or 90 years old , But when the epidemic comes , She only remembers one identity , That's it “ communist ”.

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