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Zhuzhou natural resources and Planning Bureau: "stick to" the anti epidemic volunteers in the front line of project construction

2021-08-28 02:06:49 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( Correspondent pan zhe Jiang Yongwei ) Zhuzhou has been for 15 consecutive days “ Zero addition ”, The whole city is returning to its former prosperity . But such a group of people are still fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention every day , They are the epidemic prevention and control staff and volunteers .

Among them are the team members dispatched by Zhuzhou natural resources and Planning Bureau to Yunlong demonstration area to participate in epidemic prevention and control , They use “ management 、 propaganda 、 service ” Three magic weapons , In Yunlong District 11 The epidemic prevention and control network of the project site was quickly organized on the project site , Press the acceleration key for project construction .

Good management , Tighten the anti epidemic valve “ Safety valve ”

Carry out daily epidemic prevention , Tighten “ Safety valve ”.

The construction site has a large population , Densely populated , Workers' awareness of self-protection is weak , Epidemic prevention and control , Personnel management is out of touch 、 The problem of information lag is also more prominent . To address these issues , The task force took the form of “ There is no omission in the dynamic account 、 There is no dead angle in temperature measurement code verification 、 There is no omission in the prevention and control requirements ” Of “ 3 without ” requirement , The personnel health dynamic account of each project is established , The history of medium and high-risk residence and “ Red and yellow ” personnel , Find out the recent nucleic acid testing and vaccination of each worker ; The entrance and exit of the construction site shall be strictly required to ensure personnel double code inspection and temperature measurement , Implement the reporting and registration of external and new employees ; Urge workers to wear masks 、 Frequent hand washing requires , Canteens, dormitories and other key areas should do a good job in killing . To prevent and control according to law 、 Scientific prevention and control 、 Situation management , Weave the epidemic prevention and control safety net on the construction site more finely 、 More dense .

Do a good job of publicity , Tamp epidemic prevention “ Consciousness wall ”

Carry out emergency drills for epidemic prevention and control , Tamp “ Consciousness wall ”.

In order to do a good job of publicity and guidance , Strengthen workers' awareness of protection , Create an epidemic prevention atmosphere , The task force forwards relevant prevention and control policies and epidemic prevention knowledge through wechat group 、 Epidemic prevention brochures and banners are posted on the project site , Get through the publicity of epidemic prevention and control “ Last mile ”.

Do a good job in service , Put up epidemic prevention “ Heart Bridge ”

convene a forum , Collect the difficulties of enterprises , Set it up “ Heart Bridge ”.

While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control of the project , The task force is more attentive and affectionate service to ensure the operation of the enterprise , Actively solve problems for the resumption of work and production of the enterprise . The Jinmao project was shut down due to the epidemic , After knowing that the project still has urgent business to deal with , Through the multi-party coordination of the dispatched team members, the cloud Office channel has been opened up for them, and the resumption plan has been formulated through consultation with multiple departments , It provides acceleration for the resumption of production of the project . Wanda project, a two-level key project in the urban area, was affected by the epidemic , The mobilization of construction materials is seriously restricted , After the dispatched team members know the situation , Through coordination with the superior prevention and control department, the requirements for the entry and exit of vehicles from other places are clarified , It provides guarantee for material transportation .

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