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Jeep's new commander is coming. From 245000 yuan in advance, it will appear at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-28 02:08:10 Oriental Information automobile

Jeep Commander , As a medium-sized member of the family SUV, I believe many fans will not feel strange to it , After all , With strong and atmospheric modeling design , Plus good performance , It can be said that it is deeply sought after and loved by many Chinese people . recently , Xiaobian learned from relevant channels ,Jeep The new Commander officially announced the pre price , also , New car will be on the 8 month 29 It made its debut at the Chengdu auto show and announced its listing , Let's follow Xiaobian to learn more about it .

Jeep The new Commander , As a new model , The pre-sale price of the new fuel version is 24.5 Ten thousand yuan , The pre-sale price of plug-in hybrid models 31.5 Ten thousand yuan , For such a price range , I wonder if you can accept it ? In modeling design , The new car still continues the family design language , The front face is iconic 7 Perforated chrome plated air inlet grille , Improved brand recognition , Plus... On both sides LED Headlamp group of light source , And the lower three-stage blackening grid , This makes people feel very domineering and tough , Compared to the cash model , Your appearance has improved to a certain extent .

The side body lines are very smooth and concise , Chrome luggage rack on the roof , Add the multi frame wheel hub shape below , To a certain extent, it adds a bit of due sports breath . As for the rear part , The new car adopts the current popular through tail lamp design , After lighting, I believe it will have good recognition , also , Logo with English letters , It looks very advanced , Exhaust layout of bilateral single outlet , So as to further improve the overall sense of movement .

motivation ,Jeep The new commander is expected to provide 2.0T Engine and 2.0T Plug in hybrid system composed of engine and motor , Transmission in , And what matches that is 9 Manual transmission and E-CVT Stepless gearbox . Joint venture in our country SUV field , The sales performance of the big commander has not been very outstanding , New cars will be on the market in the future , Can we change this situation , We have to wait and see , Watch it Jeep The arrival of the new Commander ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .

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