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Tank 500, understood as refined decoration, H9 is more accurate, holding 300000 can wait

2021-08-28 02:08:17 Oriental Information automobile

tanks 500, It is understood as fine decoration H9 More accurate , hand 30 Wan can wait

Since the tank 300 After the car is on fire , Great Wall Motors is more and more confident , And a big chess game has been laid out , Directly separate the tank brand , Specially build high-end hardline off-road vehicles , As early as 4 Tanks have appeared at the Shanghai auto show in January 700 And tanks 800, These two cars have also aroused the curiosity of many car fans , Why from tanks 300 Jump straight to the tank 700? Is there no other model layout in the middle ? In fact, Great Wall Motors just sold for a pass , Some time ago, a new off-road product of tank series was unveiled , This car has been called a tank on the Internet 600, Great Wall Motors has more or less disclosed its name before , However, just before the Chengdu International Auto Show ,8 month 23 Great Wall Motor announced that the car was renamed tank 500.

The name of the new car changed in just a few days , This is actually Great Wall Motor's own strategy , Because such products with high attention , Every slight change will cause heated discussion , It can make a new model have a high degree of topic before it is officially released . It's actually called a tank 500 More appropriate , Because this car is better than tanks 300 One level higher , Domestic car brands generally don't use 4 Named after the , So skip the tank 400 It's normal .

Now that the name has been identified as tank 500, This means that the model is no better than a tank 300 Too much , After all, there are 700 and 800. Infer from the limited information at present , tanks 500 The final starting price is likely to be controlled at 30 All within , This is better than tanks 300 pull up 10 The price range of about 10000 , Provide 6 Two cylinder engine and larger body size , Selling points will still be sufficient . And you can avoid with Harvard H9 Head on , So at this stage, hold 30 Million car purchase funds , You can wait for the tank 500.

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