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Fenglin Town, Liling: play the role of two members and win the epidemic prevention and interdiction war

2021-08-28 02:08:29 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Feng Xuan )7 end of the month , After the delta attack , Fenglin town of Liling City responded positively to the municipal Party committee 、 The city government demanded , Strictly implement the two yard inspection in public places ( Health code 、 Itinerary card )、 Take your temperature 、 Wear masks and other prevention and control measures ; Strictly implement the duty system at the entrance and exit ; Leaders of village offices 、 Cadres are connected to the areas under their jurisdiction 13 A village community , Comprehensive touch and discharge control , To collect information 、 Nucleic acid detection 、 Control personnel .

An epidemic is an order , Prevention and control is responsibility , The town of 、 Two members of the village community at two stations stick to their posts , Implement nucleic acid detection 、 The return personnel in medium and high risk areas shall be arranged 、 Various epidemic prevention and control measures 、 Vaccination work, etc , In order to maintain traffic order , Ensure that people travel smoothly , Traffic counsellors also patrol the road , They use their own “ Hard work index ” In exchange for “ Safety index ”.

Current epidemic situation , In order to better promote epidemic prevention , The town uses loudspeakers from village to village 、 Loudspeakers 、 Wechat group 、 Banners, slogans and other means to publicize the government's latest epidemic prevention and control policies and vaccination information , Ensure that all principles and policies are well known . At the same time, my town 、 The village community launched an all-round campaign “ Two stations, two people ” Power , Give full play to the familiarity of traffic safety counsellors 、 The advantage of ground ripening , Set up bayonet detection points in key control sections , Register vehicles and personnel one by one 、 Thermometry , It has forged a solid anti epidemic prevention and control front . There are more than 1000 vehicles in and out of our town , personnel 3000 More than one , Co discovery 3 For example, red code personnel , Report to the health and epidemic prevention department immediately after discovery , Centralized isolation ,21 Example: Yellow code personnel , Report to the village community immediately , Carry out home observation according to the requirements of five guarantees and one .

In this anti epidemic war , Enthusiastic people enthusiastically sign up to become epidemic prevention volunteers to participate in the duty of epidemic prevention points , Help with epidemic prevention and control , Write wonderful articles in epidemic prevention and control . Enterprises within the jurisdiction of our town 、 Enthusiastic people donated protective articles one after another 、 Mineral water 、 instant noodles 、 Fruits 、 Herbal tea and other materials , Write a magnificent chapter in which cadres and the masses are determined to win the epidemic prevention war .

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