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Yongding "war epidemic" 𞓜 xixiping Street: Baobao units enter the community and unite to fight the epidemic

2021-08-28 02:08:34 【Red Net】

Red net time Zhangjiajie correspondent Tian Yuan reports

Since the implementation of epidemic prevention and control , Zhangjiajie Water Resources Bureau 、 Municipal Government Affairs Service Center 、 Municipal financing guarantee group 、 Municipal Senior Technical School 、 Zhangjiajie Rural Commercial Bank 、 Zhangjiajie bancassurance Bureau Branch Seven Municipal Insurance units responded positively to the call , Fulfill the warranty responsibility , Sink the front line of the community , It has become an important force for epidemic prevention and control in xixiping street, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City .

Zhangjiajie Water Resources Bureau : Temporary Party branch Build a strong epidemic prevention wall

Zhangjiajie Water Resources Bureau Baobao xixiping street qinjiagang community , Secretary of the Party group in the unit 、 Under the leadership of director Hu Shenghu, he devoted himself to community epidemic prevention and control , Not loose thinking 、 Not less . It is found that the personnel within the Sanqing market under the jurisdiction are complex through many times , There are loopholes in the work . In order to further coordinate the front-line forces of epidemic prevention in Sanqing market , We will strengthen party building in wartime , Give full play to the exemplary and exemplary role of Party organizations and Party members , Carry out epidemic prevention and control more effectively and orderly , The temporary Party branch of Sanqing market, xixiping street was immediately established , Party members of the branch are 8 people , Contribute the strength of Communist Party members to the epidemic prevention and control work in Sanqing market area .

Zhangjiajie Rural Commercial Bank : thin Overcome all difficulties

Zhangjiajie rural commercial bank Baobao pengjiaxiang community, xixiping street , Secretary of the Party committee of the unit 、 Chairman long Fang went to the community as soon as he received the guarantee task , Learn more about the difficulties in the community , A large number of epidemic prevention and living materials were raised through various channels . In recent days , Zhangjiajie Rural Commercial Bank 20 A team member sank to the front line of epidemic prevention and control , With community cadres 、 Volunteers work together to escort the community epidemic prevention and control . The living conditions of poor people in Baobao community have always affected people's hearts , In order to solve the problem of difficulty in purchasing materials during the epidemic , Chairman long Fang 、 Vice president Zhang Jinglin and his party raised 100 Bag of rice 、100 Pot of edible oil to Baobao community , And visit Li'an home 、 New Zhongping 4 Poor households , Promote knee exchange , Send them rice and edible oil .

Zhangjiajie financing guarantee group : Donated materials 3 Ten thousand catties Help each other to fight the epidemic

Zhangjiajie financing guarantee group Baobao xixiping street hujiahe community , Under the leadership of Zhang insisted, Secretary of the Party committee of the group ,19 Employees enthusiastically signed up , With deep feelings for the people , Give full assistance to , Donate to hujiahe community 26500 A disposable mask 、180 Wear protective clothing 、56 Auxiliary goggle mask 、1600 Only disposable gloves 、4700 A thermometer 、1200 Kilogram 84 disinfectant 、30 A piece of alcohol 、24 A tent and an umbrella 、150 A raincoat 、107 Instant noodles 、21 Speakers 、590 Jin vegetables 、35 Box milk 、20000 Jin radish 、7000 Jin green pepper . They are the most beautiful reversers , Is the most beautiful person on duty , Is the most beautiful server , They don't care about gain or loss 、 No fear of risk 、 Not afraid of hard work , Just to protect the health and safety of the people .

Zhangjiajie senior technical school :“ Little grid ” cast “ Great peace ”

Zhangjiajie senior technical school Baobao Xiping street dagutai community , In more than ten days , Members of the insurance working group and community staff 、 Urban management team 、 Community volunteers have jointly acted as the propagandists of epidemic prevention and control 、 Inspector 、 The role of the guardian . From thermometer to disinfectant , From health code to travel code 、 from “ Basic population information ledger ”“ Community personnel enter and exit accounts ”“ Registration account of people in difficulty in the community ” To “ Household isolation personnel account ”, They incarnate into needles , With sweat as the thread , Zhimi residents' safety and epidemic prevention “ network ”, Create a safe and healthy life “ grid ”, With the foot plate “ Hard steps ” Guard the masses “ Safety index ”. They stick to the community “ Little grid ”, Create a community “ Great peace ”.

Zhangjiajie Jiaotou group : both the higher and lower levels are united as one Build a safety barrier

Zhangjiajie traffic investment group Baobao xixiping street xixiping community , The chairman of the unit 、 Under the leadership of general manager Zhang Jincheng , Dispatch 17 Party members, cadres and workers sank into the community to carry out epidemic prevention and control . There are many scattered residents 、 Problems that are difficult to control , The working group made and posted epidemic prevention notices 30 The rest , Quickly find out 13 A residential group 、6 Nucleic acid detection of cells , Assist the community to strengthen grid management . In order to solve the shortage of epidemic prevention materials in the community 、 The difficulty of insufficient funds for epidemic prevention , The municipal exchange and investment group will do everything possible 、 Support from various sources . Up to now , A total of 5100 Masks 、 alcohol 2 Pieces of 、 Spray alcohol 100 bottle 、 Epidemic prevention funds 5 Ten thousand yuan .

Zhangjiajie government affairs service center :“ fast ”“ accurate ”“ steady ” Fight the epidemic with real moves

Zhangjiajie Government Affairs Service Center Baobao xixiping Street Dukou community , After receiving the mission , All cadres and staff of the municipal government affairs service center responded positively , Party secretary Liu Hailin went deep into Baobao community in time . After a visit 、 Touch the platoon 、 On duty , The guarantee working group shall arrange for the personnel in the community 、 Control and control 、 The problem of material procurement , Make a problem account , And urge all problems to be rectified quickly . Daily analysis and research by the insurance working group , Organize the input of force and arrange 、 Information check 、 Key work such as community management and control , Make sure “ leave no household 、 No one left ”. The municipal government affairs service center usually does practical things for the people “ The waiter ”, Become the front line of anti epidemic “ warrior ”, Act fast 、 Implementation criteria 、 Guaranteed stable “ Real move ”, Continue to contribute to the community's fight against the epidemic .

Zhangjiajie banking and insurance regulatory branch : Devote oneself to Join hands to fight the epidemic

Zhangjiajie banking regulatory branch Baobao xixiping street qinjiagang community , In recent days , Members of the underwriting working group took positive action , Continue to do a good job in personnel investigation 、 Personnel control 、 Nucleic acid detection 、 Volunteer service and other work . Secretary of the Party committee of the branch 、 Director Yu Bo commands ahead , Take the lead , Go deep into the community “ Epidemic disease ” Implementation of epidemic prevention and control of line dispatching , To guard the first level of the community , Strictly implement the permit system 、 Code checking 、 Thermometry 、 Registration, etc , Ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control . In order to fully ensure the normal development of community epidemic prevention , Donate nearly to the community 3 Ten thousand yuan of epidemic prevention materials and living materials , Greatly alleviated the community masses 、 The difficulty of volunteer material shortage .

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