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We are not the rebels -- the Secretary of the women's Party branch of Zhangjiajie natural resources and Planning Bureau recounts her anti epidemic experience

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8 month 16 Japan , I will “ Our anti epidemic story has no photos ” The article was sent back to Secretary Wang Zhangzhao , The article recorded every bit of isolation in country garden , I told him “ This is all first-hand information , I don't have time to tidy up ”. I didn't think of it , This article was published in the media , I also added a subtitle “ Anti epidemic experience of a female party branch secretary of Zhangjiajie natural resources and Planning Bureau ”. Secretary Zhang Zhao @ I :“ Read your article whenever you have time , Every time you read it, you will cry many times ”, He asked me to continue writing . Many people send text messages “ Salute the traitor ”, But I don't recognize “ heroes who put themselves in harm's way ” This title . Where the people need , That's the direction the Communists are heading for —— We are not retrograde !

The party flag is flying high on the isolation point of country garden

One 、 Engage in fierce battle

8 month 10 Japan ,8 month 11 Japan , It was the most painful two days . With 8 month 8 Japan 、8 month 9 Japan A Continuous pick-up operations in the area ,8 month 10 In the evening, the office group panlinfeng , Staff of the Municipal Bureau of natural resources and planning , Fell on the job , Have a fever 37.4 degree , News came. , Everyone present was silent , We all know what we are worried about , But no one said .“ Must be too tired ,48 I haven't had a good rest for an hour , I can't stand it under normal circumstances , Besides, they wear protective clothing , It must be , It must be !” I repeat in my heart .

8 month 11 The morning of , We finally waited until the negative result of panlinfeng nucleic acid test , I haven't had time to breathe a sigh of relief ,A A nurse in the district fainted at work , The ambulance hasn't arrived yet , And then there is 1 Doctors and 1 A nurse fainted , The news one by one , It makes us feel difficult even to take a breath for a long time . But we have to hold on , If we can't hold on , Comrades must be more at a loss . I looked at Lu Jiuhui , Although he looked grim , But his eyes are firm , My mind was settled now . Lu Jiuhui quickly arranged rescue , Immediately request support from the Bureau , In the evening , The third batch in the Bureau 13 A volunteer arrived , Urgent to A Business group in the area 5 personal , Things can be relieved .

The human problem has just been solved ,8 month 11 Japan ——8 month 13 The whole isolation point of country garden was diagnosed continuously on the th ,120 Continuous transfer personnel , Comrades are obviously depressed ,“ It's a good thing , Find the case from the isolation point , It blocks the spread of the virus , Isn't that the meaning of our isolation point ?” That's what I always tell people , But in fact, my heart is also very empty , If for no other , I'm afraid comrades have a chance .

Those days , Lu Jiuhui always said , I just can't hear the phone , Especially at night , When the phone rings , The whole person is highly nervous .

That's what we do , Boil, boil , I've survived .

On the isolation point coming out of the office “ Professional porters ”

Information workers are fighting all night

Two 、 Please forgive me for saying no to you

8 month 12 Japan , New entry A Hu Changhong from the isolated area called and said that Comrade Zhang Ping thought he had no problem with his body , Strongly urge to fight , Several leaders inside gave him a rest after studying , Comrade Zhang Ping cried and said :“ I've had a day off , I'm good , Comrades are fighting , How can I rest , I want to fight 、 Please fight 、 Please fight ”. Although Comrade Pan Linfeng did not cry , But also strongly asked to fight , Comrade Hu Changhong choked when he told me about it , Then he waited for my advice , I checked the monitoring records of people with physical abnormalities , The doctor's advice :“ Continue to observe ”. I feed these four words back to Hu Changhong . thereafter , Du dengqing called again and again to respond to Zhang Ping's request , Similarly, I can only feed back the doctor's four word suggestions to him .

8 month 16 Japan , A Area because the Battle Damaged personnel need to replenish new forces , Since the nucleic acid test results of the two comrades have been negative , After Comrade Lu Jiuhui held a long meeting to study , Decided to move them from the quarantine area to 2 Living alone in the building , Vacate the isolation room , By Dong Fumin 、 Chen Xingquan enters A Isolation zone . Lu Jiuhui 、 Zhang Huiwen and I went to the place where they lived alone 2 Visit them on the first floor , When Comrade Zhang Ping opened the door , His expression was very happy , He once again expressed to us his determination to go to war , In the end, we can only announce that they are alone 2 Lou Liuguan . When we say this decision , I clearly saw the disappointment in his eyes , Soon , He closed the door , The sound of closing the door is so loud .

My dear comrade in arms , Excuse me , We can only say no again and again to your invitation .

3、 ... and 、 I'm sorry , I fell

later , I asked Comrade Zhang Ping carefully about the situation inside ,8 month 8 The day is coming 8 month 9 Japan , He just rested 1 Hours , Wear protective clothing every day 4 To 5 Time , The longest continuous wear 5 Hours ,“ at that time , In fact, I can't see anything anymore , But you can't fall .”“4 days , I didn't go to the bathroom once , I know something's wrong with my body , But too busy , I don't have time to recuperate .”“8 month 11 Japan , I got fever , The temperature is getting higher and higher , I'm protected , I don't think I'm infected with the new crown , I know very well , I just don't have time to rest .”“ I got fever , They won't let me work , Let me go back to my room and rest , But I think and I still have strength , I can work , Comrades are busy , How can you let me do nothing ?” “ Tired? ? In fact, I don't know when I'm tired at work , I really felt tired in those days when I was not allowed to work .”“ I'm a party member , Finally need me , I fell ill , I feel sorry , Sorry, comrades .”

I heard that , Resist me who never cried , In fact, tears have been pouring into my heart , My comrade , My comrades in arms , We anticipated the difficulties , But I didn't expect it to be so difficult , We anticipated the impact of working in protective clothing on you , But none of us ever wore protective clothing , We can't predict what it means to work in protective clothing , If someone has to say sorry , How can the person who said I'm sorry be you ?

Zhang Ping wearing protective clothing in the isolation area

Four 、 Why the wind whistling

Except for the first day before I came , Later, everyone who entered the isolation point , I talk to them one by one , Then send them off one by one ,A The farewell place in the area is the passage connecting our living area , In the middle 20 A buffer of about meters , At the other end of the buffer is them , This end of the buffer is us ,8 month 11 On Tuesday night , See Du dengqing off 、 Hu Changhong 、 Qin Jun 、 Hu Zhihao ,8 month 12 See off Hu Chen on the afternoon of the th ,8 month 15 On Tuesday night , Farewell to Xia Huixiang ,8 month 16 See off Dong Fumin on the afternoon of the th 、 Chen Xingquan . I watched them go to the end of the passage , To the forefront of the battlefield , I'm shouting at this end “ come on. ”, Shout loudly “ When you come back victoriously ”, They waved back to me , Shout loudly “ don 't worry , Must return victoriously .” No one ever looked back , A girl on guard said :“ I feel you send out the solemn and stirring of the wind and easy water ”,“ No ” I want to say :“ We have the solemn and stirring of the wind blowing and the cold water rushing to the national disaster , But he has no firm belief in victory ”!

This is not Yan land , Why the wind whistling , When a strong man goes , The broken Loulan is still .

On the day of victory , I'm still here to meet .

Silhouette of some staff of the office isolation group

5、 ... and 、 A long meeting at midnight

Lu Jiuhui presides over a long meeting every day , It's common to hold a long meeting until midnight , On two occasions, people were forced to wake up in the middle of the night .8 month 14 On Tuesday night 11 spot ,A There was a security breach in the area , Someone broke through the bayonet , Point leader Lu Jiuhui organized personnel to deal with it urgently ,8 month 15 Early morning 2 spot , He proposed an urgent long meeting , I asked him “ Comrades have been working hard , It's so late now , Can we open tomorrow ?” Lu Jiuhui answered firmly :“ No , Drive now ”. At the meeting, the relevant responsible persons were mercilessly criticized , The bayonet has been redefined , It's retooled A Security plan for the area , Don't let go of any small defects , The meeting was over in the early morning 4 spot , Lu Jiuhui turned to me and said :“1200 Many people left to us , There must be no mistake in security , Problems found must be solved immediately , The meeting will be held after this night , The effect and momentum are definitely not as good as that of tonight .” I can't help sighing : A few days of experience , Comrades are growing up , He is also growing , Unknowingly, he had the demeanor and temperament of commanding the general before the battle .

We also had a long meeting at midnight , 8 month 20 Early morning , Vice point chief Zhang Huiwen returned to the hotel from Yongding District Fangzhi Office , Brought the spirit of the meeting of the de quarantined personnel , Comrade Lu Jiuhui urgently held a long meeting , Conveyed the spirit of the meeting , Arranged ABC The isolated personnel in the work area are released , Someone muttered “ It's been two consecutive days since the release of quarantine ? Can't the meeting be held tomorrow ? I haven't had a good sleep since I came here .”“ Inside 1200 More people , All looking forward to the release of isolation , This job can't be delayed , It's time to release the quarantine , There can be no delay ,1200 How many people go out in order , We must plan every link in advance ”, At the meeting , Lu Jiuhui answered him with these opening remarks . The fact proved that , Because of the early preparation , Only then did the smooth isolation be lifted .

A long working silhouette at midnight

6、 ... and 、 On the isolation point “ fashion show ”

The isolation point has a fashion show every day , Fashion of models , Led by Chen Yongsheng B The industry group in the area is the most , Sweating a lot because of wearing protective clothing , My hair stinks every time , Chen Yongsheng took several comrades to have their hair cut each other , All shaved to a bald head , They wear basketball clothes , Took a picture and sent it out , What a group of fashion boy.

I also saw a unique fashion show outside the isolation point , It was a rainy night , It's more than five in the morning , The rain has stopped , I usually surround ABC Make a tour outside the area , Leading to A On the way to the district , Two tall guys tossed their wide bathrobes , Is there anyone else here to relax ? Or I didn't see clearly that it was a doctor in a white coat ? Whoever it is , Should not be here , When I hurry up , The bathrobe was suddenly a police uniform , Obviously , These are two inexperienced young policemen , Came without a coat , Night tour, cold weather , Temporarily grasp the hotel bathrobe to deal with the rainy night and cool autumn in country garden . Observe carefully , There are many such wonderful fashions , There are people wrapped in bath towels ; There are people holding pillows ; Some policewomen wear wide men's coats …… Their styles are different , The same thing , This rainy night , They are on duty ; The same thing , You just need to get close to their cordon , They will show their capable police clothes , Strong posture .

Actually , I also put on a fashion show myself ,9 I was called up in the early morning of the th , Didn't have time to change , Then I've been busy , Completely forgot about the clothes , In the evening, I went back to my room and saw the video sent to me , Just know I'm wearing pink pajamas , Met with provincial leaders 、 City leaders 、 Bureau leaders , The picture was made into a video , I comfort myself : Fortunately, the clarity of the picture is not high , Hard to find , I wore my pajamas upside down that day .

Everyone's fashion is a little embarrassed , Shi Feng of Yongding District Public Security Bureau 、 Zhu Zhiyong of the district procuratorate 2 Except for people , So busy , And often sleep in the police car , I can always clean myself up , Comrade Shi Feng wears the party emblem properly at all times . I don't know how they did it .

I haven't visited a real fashion show , In my heart , Or the most exciting fashion show in the isolation point .

B The industry group in the district took off their protective clothes, put on their basketball clothes and shaved their heads boy

7、 ... and 、 Always thinking about what my cousin who opened a small stove wanted

8 month 8 Japan , evening , I saw my cousin in the team on duty , Zhou Shaoyong, a policeman from Yongding District Public Security Bureau , We nodded briefly , Then they are busy with their own work . He's divided C Area watch ,C The area is far away from the living area of our peripheral staff , We seldom meet .8 month 10 Japan , My cousin called me :“ I have fruit here , Come and get it quickly ”, I said, :“ I'm in charge of Logistics , Your fruit is distributed from me .” Then I asked him what he needed ? He's not polite , He said :“ I don't want anything else , Red Bull .” I'm a man who never drinks , At that time, I didn't know what he needed Red Bull .

8 month 18 Day in the morning , We met for nucleic acid testing , My cousin said excitedly :“ The people in the canteen cooked pickles with him , Have a pig's face 、 Chicken wings , You'll pick it up from me later .” Having been fed up with boxed lunch, I came to his room to pick up vegetables at noon , The most in the room is red bull ,“ Why do you like red bull so much ?” Cousin said :“ You don't know , Staying up late is too solid , I can't afford it now ,C The balcony in the area is close to the ground , The balcony is open again , I'm afraid something will happen , If you don't cook, you can't ”, I hurried out of his room , Because my nose is sore , The eyes have been involuntarily red , Need to know , My cousin has 55 Year old . That night , I drank the first can of red bull in my life , Sure enough , It's refreshing .

8、 ... and 、 A convenient service center with booming business but always losing money

“ We isolate the virus , We don't separate feelings ”. Lu Jiuhui gave a long order , Li Hu 、 Wu Yilan quickly set up country garden isolation point convenience Service Center , First order to order 4000 multivariate , To the third single order, it rises directly to 8000 The multivariate , Business is booming one by one , have 488 People patronize business , Every order , It is necessary to organize peripheral personnel to divide the buildings and install them overnight 、 Mark one by one , In limine , We have no experience , Mark the room number directly on the plastic bag , The staff of the isolation office group wear isolation clothes 、 Wearing goggles , The plastic bag is transparent again , I can't see the mark at all , Directly sent the wrong 298 Yuan of materials , How worried they are , Report to me in a hurry , I said, :“ Don't worry , I got the bottom of it , Replenish our supplies to them .” Their work is more confident , Second, they improved their working methods , Print the room number in large size on paper, and then stick the plastic bag with adhesive tape , Who knows, the supermarket has less toothpaste , Wu Yilan looked at me eagerly , I said, :“ Supply them with our toothpaste .” The poor eyes suddenly jumped with a strange light , Our convenience center is so busy 、 Losing money .

The next day , They told me ,B District 924 Room number, after reporting his order , In addition, I turned alone 160 element , We should buy... For the staff at our own expense 40 A bottle of eight treasures porridge , thereafter , Which district who transferred how much money to buy fruit for medical and logistics , Who said a particularly moving thank-you …… There are more and more such news , The convenience service center is busy blooming , Also happy to bloom .

fortunately , We only lose money , We don't lose love .

The staff of the convenience service center are distributing living materials for the isolated people

Nine 、 Sudden sadness

8 month 16 morning , Zhu Zhiyong of Yongding District procuratorate changed his usual procuratorial uniform , I rushed out of the hotel with two bags , I asked him what had happened , He was silent , Zhang Huiwen was a little busy telling me , Zhu Zhiyong's father died , There is only one mother in the family now , We have to go back . I learned that Zhu Zhiyong's father had been in poor health during this period , But he was stationed here and couldn't go back , He never told any of us about the difficulties at home , And what we always ask is that the security can't be relaxed for a moment , Never asked about his family .

It's just 8 month 15 The morning of , Lu Jiuhui asked Comrade Zhang Huiwen and I to interview Zhu Zhiyong and Yang Sanmin of Yongding District procuratorate , During this period, Comrade Zhang Huiwen and I seriously criticized them , I even said that their duty-free thinking and haggling over each other's accounts are typical narrow-minded 、 extreme pettiness of character , Emphasize that we are now sitting on the same ship , A gap anywhere will sink the ship , So we can only complement each other , It is absolutely not allowed to tear down each other . Comrade Zhu Zhiyong fully accepted , And said to rectify immediately . That's what he said , That's what it did .

That morning , I supervise the security of three districts , See Zhu Zhiyong's detailed account , I don't regret having said something , But I was suddenly very sad , I don't know what I'm sad about , It's like putting a stone into a calm lake and ripples all over the lake , Be caught off guard , Uncomfortable emotions filled my body and mind . Actually, just before I went downstairs and met Zhu Zhiyong , I just had a video call with my mother , Mother over and over again , Repeatedly exhort :“ Be sure to pay attention to safety ”“ Be sure to eat ”“ Be sure to take good care of yourself ” Because my brother and daughter-in-law are medical staff , Since the outbreak , And never came home , Mother's last sentence is always that “ You must both return safely .”

Yongding District procuratorate has adjusted and replaced its personnel , I thought Comrade Zhu Zhiyong would not return to the team .8 month 21 Day in the morning , I met Comrade Zhu Zhiyong who came back with his bag , We had a simple exchange for a while , Because of the epidemic , He finally didn't arrive at Cili to see off his father , His wife, who works in the Civil Affairs Bureau, is also on the front line of anti epidemic , They can only organize people to organize the funeral on the peripheral telephone , In the end, he 70 The multi-year-old mother sent his father away alone , Comrade Zhu Zhiyong sighed :“ The epidemic , There's no way .”

There are two ways of security in the world , At this juncture , We can live up to it , Only family .

Silhouette of Comrade Zhu Zhiyong working in the monitoring room

Ten 、 tonight , Leave sleepless to you

8 month 15 Day and night , Wang zhangbo, director of the municipal land reserve center , Take the fourth group of people from the bureau to the isolation point , At that time, we had adhered to 9 It was like seeing a straw when we were tired , We quickly introduced the situation at the current point , Announce at a long meeting that night , Comrade Wang zhangbo is the deputy chief of the isolation point and concurrently A The dividing point is long . After the meeting, I said with a smile :“ Comrade Zhang Bo , Finally transferred to you A The position of district fire brigade captain has been transferred to you , We're going to have a good sleep tonight , Leave sleepless to you ”, How long will we meet the next morning , Lu Jiuhui 、 Zhang Huiwen and I both said we had a good sleep last night , Only Comrade Wang zhangbo said he stayed up all night , From his morning on A Familiarity with the situation in the area , One can imagine how much homework he did this night . Comrade Wang zhangbo is really a lucky general , The day after he came , Zhangjiajie has started zero growth , Victory is just around the corner , We slept for several hours in a row , As for whether Comrade Wang zhangbo slept well , I really don't know .

11、 ... and 、“ I want to join the party ”

I heard that the first team members to enter the quarantine area , Lei Li of Planning Research Institute 、 Comrade Fu Tao wrote an application for joining the party in the isolated area , Ask the frontline to join the party . They are all planning designers I know well , Tell the truth , In the Bureau , The proportion of Communist Party members is not high , I called them one by one to ask about the situation ,“ I feel too deeply , It has also grown in the war , All the heavy work 、 Hard working party members and comrades are rushing to do , I want to keep up with them 、 Learn from them , So I wrote an application to join the party ”“ Why is the most difficult thing a party member's , Why is the hardest job for Party members , Why should the most dangerous thing belong to Party members , I want to join the party ”, These are what these two comrades said to me . I'm very glad to , After the baptism of war , They have transformed , But I couldn't help teasing “ Boy , I dare say that you want to join the party in order to compete with the Communists ”“ No ……” In the face of the boys eager to show loyalty , At this end of the phone, I'm already smiling .

Twelve 、 The fearless public security police still have something to fear

C The isolation zone is a retreat building , There is a retaining wall on the back slope , The highest point is about 3 Meter high , Fifty centimeters wide , Standing on the retaining wall , You can almost look straight at the whole house , So you can often see policemen wandering on the retaining wall , About because the retaining wall is not wide enough , It's not good to be wrong , That figure is always alone . I appreciated their practice at the long meeting , But I'm always a little worried that they'll fall .

C There's a problem 4 A diagnosis , The surveillance room is confirming the case 2 Downstairs , Those policemen walk around every day , Be fearless .

God gave these brave people an extra test , It's about C The area faces the water and backs the mountain , And more remote , There are many snakes ,8 month 18 On Tuesday night , A policeman on duty sent a message in the group. He found several snakes on the way on duty , Call for help in the group. Let's hurry up C Send a flashlight in the area ,C Shi Feng, the security director of the District, immediately organized the police to the advanced monitoring room . After the event , I find C The district often drives night patrols , I thought you still have something to fear .

13、 ... and 、 four “ Five hearts ” A wonderful person

In my mind A Du dengqing, the person in charge of the isolation area 、B The distinguishing point is Fu Weihua 、B Chen Yongsheng, the person in charge of the isolation area, and Tian Xuewen, the leader of the medical material support team , There are four reassuring 、 Peace of mind 、 don 't worry 、 meditation 、 To the satisfaction of “ Five hearts ” A wonderful person .

Comrade Du dengqing is one of the third batch of rescuers in the Bureau , He was ordered to , be responsible for A Work in isolation area , Du dengqing's statement was crisp and clear :“ First, obey the arrangement 、 Second, resolutely complete the task .” The first two days of entering the quarantine area , Keep calling me , After two days, there were few calls , That's true. ,A The isolation zone has been straightened out , As for what he went through inside , How much has been done , He didn't say , But I know it won't be easy .“ Ginger is still old and spicy ” In the isolation zone, Lei Li sincerely praised .

I had some opinions about Comrade Fu Weihua in his work , At that time, he was the chief of the section in charge of taking the lead in the regulation and arrangement of farmland illegally occupied in rural areas , But the whole work came down , He did nothing , It was all undertaken by several comrades of the rectification Office , But this fight against the epidemic , It changed my impression of him , He put the B The work in the district is organized ,B At the isolation point in the area, many isolation personnel need to go out for medical treatment , At that time, the medical channels for fever patients were not smooth , He made phone calls one by one , B There is an old man in the district who can't turn on the TV with the remote control , He spent two or three hours tirelessly teaching .

We published the minute long number in the group , His phone number 24 Hours go on , The baby wants to find him when he eats milk powder , The paramedics have something to find him , The staff have difficulties and want to find him , If there is anything uncomfortable in the isolation personnel's heart, they should also find him , It's a super intimate and warm heart “ Big nanny ”, If you're just a nanny , That's easy , can B How many things are waiting for him to arrange every day , Waiting for him to do . He never told us about the difficulties , Just listen to Li Jin , One late night, comrade Fu Weihua came back to his room and couldn't even drag his feet , I fell asleep on the bed without washing , But someone else called him , He took the phone and fell asleep , Comrade Li Jin photographed this precious picture , Fu Weihua in the picture even if he fell asleep , Also a tired face .

Tian Xuewen is responsible for receiving, purchasing and distributing medical materials , When the early anti epidemic medical materials are tight , He begged his father and grandmother everywhere , Looting everywhere , It ensures the normal operation of anti epidemic materials in our whole isolation point . later , We have adjusted Comrade Li Jin's work , Transfer Li Jin's stall of garbage 、 Septic tank detection 、 All the killing was on him again , He did it in good order , We were very satisfied with his work for several hours , But this comrade is good at everything , There's just one problem , I like to put... In your city 、 Such words in our district are spoken , one day , I beat him up ,“ What city 、 District , You 、 We , Everyone is a brother in a trench , All day long 、 In the district , You're not happy without talking about you ” This comrade has never said anything like that since then .

Comrade Chen Yongsheng is even better , As B The leader of the page group in the area ,B The industry in the district is so well managed , One can imagine how much work he has done , But he didn't call us , Didn't say a difficult , I'm still from B We can only find clues in the thank-you letters one after another among the quarantine personnel , He is the most intimate person of almost all quarantine personnel , How much does he have to pay to get intimacy between strangers ?

It is said that “ Crying children have milk to drink ”“ Five hearts ” Our staff are the most loved and least loved by the leaders , I'm sorry , Isolation points are no exception .

Du dengqing's work silhouette

Chen Yongsheng is holding a thank-you letter for the release of the quarantine personnel

fourteen 、 Thank those who support us

Medical waste is always hauled untimely, which is our biggest headache , There are many people at the isolation point of country garden , The temporary storage of medical waste is small , Every day is full of , Some have to be put on the ground , We reflect every day , But it just can't solve . For this matter, vice mayor Li Peiqi has called us three times . later , The district ecological environment bureau has dispatched a cadre , Finally solved the siege for us .

The first two days of isolation , Three meals security is a problem , Because we are the farthest point from the city , Long delivery time , It's too late to put it on our point , What makes people more indignant is that meals are not packed separately , Big bags, big bags to the point , Our staff have to repack it one by one before we can start distribution , Three meals are not guaranteed , The response of isolation personnel is particularly strong , The staff can't wait for the next meal . All those in charge of logistics are worried , We communicated with the relevant person in charge of the market administration and Supervision Bureau over and over again , But the improvement is not great , 8 month 10 Day in the morning , The breakfast was sent to us for repacking , I got angry on the spot , Scolded the waiter , But no matter how angry you are, you have to organize personnel to divide the meal as soon as possible 、 food delivery .

A rush ended , Huang Zhangxian of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection came to inspect , Ask us what difficulties we have , Lu Jiuhui hasn't started talking yet , I couldn't help grabbing the conversation “1000 A meal for many people , Put it in the isolation point and divide the meal , Increased risk of infection , Increased our workload , There is no guarantee that meals will be delivered to the quarantine personnel on time , Don't you understand such a clear truth ? Why can't such a problem be solved , Is it so difficult to give us who are at the forefront a little convenience ?” Huang Zhangxian took the photos in my mobile phone , the second day , All the meals are packed one by one and delivered on time , All the peripheral staff were relieved .

Thank those who support us , For us who are carrying a heavy load , Because of your support at a certain node , Let's take it easy , Stand up , Move on .

Has been supporting us , Comrades from the natural resources and planning bureaus at the urban level , Secretary Wang Zhangzhao said :“ Someone to give , Ask for money , What to give , We will resolutely win this crucial battle ” Secretary Zhang Zhao didn't come to the isolation point to see us , For physical reasons , He wasn't vaccinated , When you go out , We said :“ Don't come , Protect yourself , Is the greatest support against the epidemic ” Director Zhao Xu 、 Deputy director Cao Yongguo , Chief planner Du Feng visited us on the spot many times , In the Bureau, Yang dongminming 、 Tian Jie 、 Zhang Yaowen 、 Yin Qianwang formed a logistics support group , Facing our purchase order , Comrade Tian Jie looked everywhere , There is nothing that has not been bought for us ; In the face of our request for delivery in the middle of the night , Comrade Yang dongminming never complained ; The supplies were sent to our isolation point by truck , People are also sent to the isolation point in batches 、 Rush to help . With such strong support 、 Such a powerful rear , He Chou can't fight the epidemic ?

For you , Don't say thank you , because , The whole family didn't say thank you , But because of , No thanks .

National inspection team , province 、 The municipal supervision group supervises and guides the work

Vice Mayor Li Peiqi and his delegation investigated the garbage transfer at the isolation point

Huang Zhangxian of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection came to supervise and solve the difficulties for us

Zhao Ju, director of Zhangjiajie natural resources and Planning Bureau 、 Deputy director Cao Yongguo visited the comrades at the isolation point and sent them living materials

The bureau sent living supplies to the staff at the isolation point

15、 ... and 、 about

Zhu Zhiyong's story made me realize my narrowness , I need to know more about every comrade , I launched a campaign ——“ about ”, Tell me how you feel at this time , Tell the story that happened around you .

“ secretary , Don't worry about me , I'm fine , The first few days were really hard , I lost six pounds in two days , Some of them are thinner than me , But now it's all right , Added so many people to come in , You keep sending us delicious food , I wonder if I'll get fat again ”.

“ They all shaved their heads , Because sweaty hair stinks , I didn't shave my head , You know , I'm getting married in October , I'm afraid I won't grow back , That would be ugly ”.

—— This is a B Wang Xiaohui's phone in the isolated area tells the story with light clouds and wind , He was smiling all the way , I can hear it , Can participate in this battle , He is very happy .

“ I finally know why wearing protective clothing can suffocate people , In fact, it's not protective clothing that suffocates , Protective clothing only dehydrates people , What suffocates is the mask , Because the mask is tight , It's through a row of small vents , Sweating too much , After the mask is all wet , Water or vapor can clog the vent , So people suffocate ”.

—— This was relayed by Comrade Zhang Ping A The expression of the staff with great scientific exploration spirit in the isolation area , He didn't tell me his name .

“ The medical staff trained us for a while on how to wear protective clothing , Just say people are coming , Tell us to go down and pick up , I go down , Stand there and maintain order , later , All of a sudden , A doctor said I didn't wear my goggles , Loose , Tell me not to touch anything with my hands , I've been frozen there , Don't move , More than an hour has passed , The doctor asked a nurse to take me up . Then I had a fever , I wonder if it's because the goggles are not properly worn , Will I be infected , The doctor told me to rest , If I get infected, I'll be miserable , I killed all the staff inside , I dare not go out of the house , I dare not take a step .”

“ I was a Party activist in College , Later came to work in the unit , The activists' information has not been transferred , Even if you don't turn , My determination to join the party doesn't seem so firm , Now? , I am firm .”

—— This is Pan Linfeng's first experience of wearing protective clothing .

Zhao Qun of the general office said :“ I like the working atmosphere here , I didn't go camping , No mutual suspicion , There is temperature between people , Everyone cares about each other , Work for a common goal , ad locum , Even if you die, it's worth it .”


sixteen , I want to write about you , There's nothing I can do

The medical staff at the isolation point , How should I write about you ?

How to write about you who went into the battlefield after shock ?

How do you write on the material purchase order that you have diapers ?

How to describe fighting continuously in protective clothing 2 God 2 You at night ?

How to describe the race against time , You who compete with the virus ?

How do you describe yourself hanging water, pulling out a needle and facing the battlefield ?


If it's just because my vocabulary is limited , I can also go to Baidu to look up the dictionary , But even if I look through all the dictionaries , I can't express my praise to you , What am I gonna do? ?

I want to write about you ? There's nothing I can do !

after 16 Days of fierce fighting ,8 month 22 The morning of ,60 People are released from isolation , When the first man finally came out of our isolation area , Like a star in the spotlight , All the staff present picked up their mobile phones and took pictures of her , She bowed to us deeply , And she had to express her gratitude to get on the bus . A letter of thanks came , Gratitude , It seems to be the theme of all isolated personnel on that day .

Tomorrow there will be 225 Leave alone , There will be... The day after tomorrow 459 People left , The horn of victory has sounded ……

Very excited , We are soldiers in this battle !

Medical staff who are tired at work

The first person out of the isolation point bowed deeply to the staff .

Silhouettes of the first batch of staff to be released from isolation

Zhangjiajie natural resources and planning administrative law enforcement detachment Chen Min wrote in country garden isolation point

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