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Construction of substation in Loudi 220 kV Industrial Park will be put into operation before the Spring Festival in 2022

2021-08-28 02:50:57 Red Net

Loudi 220 The substation in the kV Industrial Park is busy .

All work shall be carried out in an orderly manner , The whole project was completed in 2022 Put into operation before the Spring Festival in .

Red net reporter Li Huifang correspondent Li Mingming reports

8 month 23 Loudi, Hunan Province on the th 220 In the substation of kV Industrial Park , It's busy . The construction personnel of State Grid Loudi power supply company are pouring the foundation cushion cap in full swing , Fully promote the civil construction progress of substation , Ensure that the project as a whole 2022 Put into operation before the Spring Festival in .

220 KV Industrial Park substation is the first substation under construction and management of State Grid Loudi power supply company 220 KV new power transmission and transformation project , Located in Hualing sheet metal industrial park, Loudi economic development zone . After the project is completed, it will meet the long-term load development needs of thin plate industry , relieve 220 KV leopard Nanshan 、 Power supply pressure of Jixing substation , Optimize the power grid structure in the east of Louxing district , Improve power supply reliability , For Loudi “ Dual engine ” The project provides sufficient power guarantee .

at present , The project has entered the stage of comprehensive civil construction , Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia , The construction period is more tense than the original plan , Plus the recent high temperature 、 The rain and weather continuously affect , Make the project construction more difficult . In order to complete the project construction task on time and with quality , The company vigorously implements “ Party building + Key projects ”, Organize party members to take the lead in demonstration 、 Charge ahead , Turn the party's political and organizational advantages into a powerful driving force to promote power grid construction .

Improve political standing , Strengthen responsibility , Substantial work , The company always puts safety production in the first place . The company's leaders have carried out many on-site activities " Four not two straight " Supervision and work guidance ; The three project departments perform their duties in strict accordance with the requirements , Continue to strengthen the safety and quality inspection on the construction site , Strengthen on-site risk control , And assign special personnel to be on duty at each operation site , Strictly implement the gatekeeper system , Supervise and urge the safe and orderly construction operation . Scientific ranking of construction units , Adjust work and rest time reasonably , take “ Grab both ends 、 Rest in the middle ” High temperature summer vacation measures , Shift change is adopted 、 Rotation and other working methods , A medicine box is set at the construction site , Equipped with heatstroke prevention, cooling and other items , For the front-line construction personnel “ Safety umbrella ”.

The company also integrates management penetration into every link of project construction , Mobilize elite and strong generals 、 Integrate multiple forces , Organize... Daily 50 More than one person carried out construction work at the same time , Through the monthly meeting 、 Weekly meeting 、 We will comprehensively prevent and control the epidemic in the morning 、 Control construction progress and site operation safety ; Actively coordinate the design 、 supplies 、 material , Put it in place according to the time node ; Organize construction personnel to carry out safety training for many times , Improve the safety awareness of construction workers , Ensure that the construction site is safe and controllable 、 I can control 、 Under control .

The relevant person in charge of the Construction Department of the company introduced , at present 220 The construction procedures of the substation in the kV Industrial Park are being carried out in strict accordance with the time node in a tense and orderly manner , Civil construction is expected to 10 By the end of the month , Equipment mobilization will be carried out at that time 、 Installation of electrical equipment .

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