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The patrol inspection efficiency has been improved nearly 10 times, and 5g unmanned ship is employed in Beijing

2021-08-28 02:56:44 Beijing daily client

In addition to the familiar drones and drones ,5G Unmanned ships have also taken up posts in Beijing . The reporter 8 month 23 I learned from Huawei on , Carrying 5G、 cloud 、AI Such innovative technologies as unmanned ships began to replace manual labor with self-service , Suddenly improve the efficiency of river patrol inspection by nearly 10 times .

The summer sun is not only hot , The double superposition of bright sunlight and water reflection , It also makes the patrol inspection staff often keep their eyes closed . In the past, water inspectors in Chaoyang District either walked deep and shallow on the weedy bank every day , Or sail for patrol inspection .  The end of the day , Water workers often patrol 、 Edge forensics shooting , Not only does it take a long time to patrol the river 、 Low efficiency 、 The high cost , There is even the possibility of danger .

The reporter learned that , As a core river flowing through the densely populated area of the city and the embassy area , The importance of Ba River is self-evident . In this context , Chaoyang District Water Bureau cooperates with Huawei's Chinese government and enterprise business departments , It is decided to improve the efficiency of river patrol through informatization , Work together to build an unmanned ship that can solve the pain points of traditional river patrol .

Scientific and technological innovation has brought the possibility of change to traditional work . Recently, in the Bahe River Basin, such as Dongwei Road, Bahe Township, Chaoyang District , A ship 5G From time to time, unmanned ships pass through the sparkling water . Through automatic River patrol , The unmanned ship can realize the real-time return of high-definition video , And mobile automatic water quality monitoring . By appointment 1 Take the patrol inspection of km river as an example , The unmanned ship only takes about ten minutes to complete , Efficiency has been improved by nearly 10 times .

Intuitively , use “ ship ” Instead of “ people ” Our scheme benefits from 5G、 The cloud service 、 Edge of computing 、AI And other cutting-edge technologies . With 5G At the core , Unmanned ships pass 5G The control of the network realizes automatic cruise control , Automatically go back and forth between the patrol river reach and the charging gate dam , The water service personnel can use the background terminal equipment , Realize the real-time monitoring of unmanned ship .

In addition to water quality testing , adopt AI And edge computing , The unmanned ship passes through the... Adopted by Huawei SDC Monitoring technology and floating objects AI Recognition algorithm , It can also be used for floating objects 、 The illegal wild swimming and other abnormal conditions shall be intelligently detected and warned . At the same time 4K Image quality images and water quality detection data will also pass 5G Send it back on the Internet , With the help of technologies such as cloud services , The staff can use the large screen in the monitoring center of the water authority 、PAD And the computer in the gate dam duty room , Realize remote real-time access and monitoring .

Relevant staff of Huawei's Chinese government and enterprise business department told reporters ,5G Innovative applications of unmanned ships , The intelligent automatic patrol inspection of intelligent water and river is realized , This also created 5G Landing application in a new field , And achieved cost reduction and efficiency increase .

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