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Rush out positive and negative zero! Xiong'an is a market-oriented project to build an urban reception hall and a financial industrial park

2021-08-28 02:56:48 Beijing daily client

During the peak construction period , The reinforcement processing equipment configured for the project has a single day production capacity of 600 Tons of ; Give full consideration to supply capacity 、 distance 、 Price and other factors , Determine more than ten concrete mixing plants , The number of reserve sites reaches 17 individual , Ensure sufficient supply and reserve of concrete ; Pay attention to the dynamics of the labor market in advance , For all kinds of urgently needed resources , Docking shall be done half a month to one month in advance …… Xiong'an, China Construction Second Engineering Bureau · Chen Fasheng, director of Jinhu future city project, told the client reporter of Beijing Daily , As one of the first batch of market-oriented projects in xiong'an New Area , Every key point in the construction process , He must be familiar with it , Remove obstacles to construction work to the greatest extent .

Reporter from xiong'an · The project Department of Jinhu future city learned that ,8 month 23 Japan , The third bid section of the project has been officially marked with plus or minus zero , Complete important nodes , It has laid a good foundation for subsequent construction .

Xiongan · Jinhu future city project is located in the southwest of Rongdong area of xiong'an new area , And hung on Civic Service Center 、 The business service center is adjacent to . The total investment of the project is about 286.22 One hundred million yuan , Total area 125.7 Thousands of square meters , Developed by Hebei Construction Investment xiongan Construction Development Co., Ltd . Three projects undertaken by China Construction Second Engineering Bureau 、 The total construction area of bid section IV is about 65 Thousands of square meters , Include 11 A house and 25 Public buildings and 5 An underground garage .

Xiongan · Effect drawing of Jinhu future city

“ When the project is completed , The commercial and financial industrial park will be arranged 、 Art Gallery 、 The library 、 Acting center 、 Rongdong city living room 、 The hotel 、 Residential and commercial streets , Build high-end urban reception hall and Financial Industrial Park , Help Rongdong area build into a livable and industrial area 、 Coordination and integration 、 Comprehensive functional area of green intelligence .” Chen Fasheng told the Beijing daily client reporter , 3、 ... and 、 After the fourth bid section is completed , for 3000 Many builders of xiong'an new area provide a stable office and living environment .

The initial stage of construction , Chen Fasheng led engineers around front-end marketing 、 Plan management 、 Three key points of prevention, control and resolution of major risks, and formulate planning plans , To guide the advancement of tasks at each stage .

“ To project 5 Take the process interleaving model of Building No. 1 as an example , How many people are needed at a certain node during building construction organization ? How many materials are used ? How to divide and match machinery ? These details are coordinated in advance by means of quick interleaving . After construction , Main structure 、 Quadratic structure 、 Decoration 、 The electromechanical installation can be carried out simultaneously on different floors with sufficient preparation , All weather vertical flow operation in the internal space , At present, the total construction period has been shortened 66 God .” Chen Fasheng said .

2021 year 2 month , The first batch of engineering personnel of the project took the lead in arriving at xiong'an new area . The construction site has not been supplied with water and electricity 、 Connect to the network , In the face of such a “ White paper ”, They only use 45 God , It has set up a temporary platform for independent research and development 5G Ad-hoc network , Solved the problem of external communication , It has made a good start for the smooth construction of the project .

Intelligent patrol robot dog

The construction of the project integrates many elements of intelligent construction “ Black science and technology ”. The intelligent patrol robot dog looks a little ordinary , But he's quick 、 Act quickly , It can not only effectively overcome the easy omission of manual inspection 、 What went wrong , Better access to the fire pool 、 Narrow space or dangerous area such as narrow fertilizer tank , Replace personnel to complete the task and ensure everyone's safety , Realize the standardization of patrol inspection 、 Information and data .

be based on 3D The measured real robot based on the core algorithm technology can automatically measure the wall flatness 、 Room squareness and other indicators , And quickly output standard data , Draw a table of measurement results , The efficiency is as high as that of manual measurement 6 times .

In order to always reflect “ Xiongan quality ”, The project has also made great efforts in fine management . Zheng Xingdong, chief technical engineer of the project, has a list of scientific and technological achievements in his hand . This list is informative 、 Well organized , Creative projects 、 Specific implementation measures 、 The amount of work 、 Effective amount 、 The responsible person and other information can be seen at a glance . Up to now , The scientific and technological efficiency of the project has been implemented 16 term .

“ We promote the big business management model , Every material manager and Budget Engineer has become ‘ Be thrifty in your family ’ Small pro , Effectively control all kinds of costs , And actively play the role of cost price library ‘ Stop loss effect ’, Ensure that the set objectives are achieved on time, quality and quantity .” Zheng Xingdong said .

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