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These two SUVs at Chengdu auto show represent the high-end of independent brands

2021-08-28 03:10:30 Oriental Information automobile

After an extension, this year's Chengdu auto show , Now located in 2021 year 8 month 29 Opening day . At this auto show , Major brands will also present their new models , Now let's take a look at the medium and large-scale brands of these two domestic brands that will be launched and listed at the Chengdu auto show SUV.

tanks 500 The tank brand currently sells only tanks 300 A model , But this did not hinder the popularity of the tank brand . Its tank unveiled at this year's Shanghai Auto Show 700 And tanks 800 Both models , Let it become one of the hottest booths in Shanghai Auto Show . At the upcoming Chengdu auto show , The tank brand will debut a new SUV models — tanks 500.

Tanks released from the tank brand 500 According to the official map of the model , tanks 600 The overall appearance of this car is very aggressive , It's not like a tank 700 And tanks 800 These two paragraphs SUV Vehicle model , One focuses on cross-country and the other on luxury business . tanks 500 The appearance design of is a combination of off-road and business , This design is similar to Toyota Prado , And from the tank 500 According to the published data , Its own strength is enough to match models such as Toyota Prado . After its official listing , It will also be in the high-end of its own brand SUV Occupy a place in the field .

In a word, car reviews : From the appearance alone , Toyota copied Great Wall link 09 Led the g 09 This car is actually this year 6 This month has been officially released , The new car is based on SPA The architecture is equipped with , Positioning as medium and large SUV models . At the upcoming Chengdu auto show , Led the g 09 It will also officially open the pre-sale , It will be officially listed in the fourth quarter of this year

From your collar 09 The appearance and interior design can be seen , The new car will focus on business luxury SUV models . The front face of the new car adopts the Lingke family design language , The overall recognition is very high , Match its length 5042mm、 wide 1977mm、 high 1780mm Body size , The whole car still looks quite domineering .

in addition , About link 09 The price of , In fact, it has been revealed on the Internet before , Led the g 09 The starting price will be 29.98 ten thousand , But whether the price is accurate , I don't know . And from Lingke 09 From all aspects of data performance , The price of this car may not be too low .

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