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The sunroof pipe interface is loose and the car carpet is wet

2021-08-28 03:10:32 Oriental Information automobile

Mr. Cao in Hangzhou has a Cadillac XT5 Off-road vehicle . He said 16 I'm going to drive out on the evening of the th , Suddenly I found that the carpet was mildewed .

Mr. Cao :“ Lift the top mat , Check later , It was all wet , Almost all a few positions , It's all wet .”

Mr. Cao, this car is 3 In June, Jincheng Cadillac in Binjiang 4S I bought it at the store , It took 28 ten thousand . He said that the carpet under several seats was wet that night , And mildew , Drive to... The next morning 4S shop , The staff checked .

Mr. Cao :“ The skylight itself has a water outlet pipe , It is reasonable to say that the water pipe is discharged from the outside , As a result, the outlet pipe here , There's a pipe joint falling off , After falling off, the water will not be discharged directly , Straight inside , And then lead to this place , Just leak it down , It's all rusty here , Obviously this place , After the line down , Is the formation of water .”

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