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Micro electric vehicles have a considerable rise, and reading also wants to enter the Bureau. What is the prospect?

2021-08-28 03:12:14 Oriental Information automobile

In recent years , More and more people choose electric cars . All kinds of data show , China's auto market is entering the era of new energy vehicles , There is no denying , Electric vehicles are the latest car market . According to the data released by the passenger Federation , China's new energy vehicle market ushered in an explosion in the first half of this year , Sales are as high as 120.6 Thousands of cars , More than last year's total sales , Achieved year-on-year results 207% Rise .

among , The cumulative sales volume of micro electric vehicles is as high as 35.10 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 599%, It is the fastest rising part of the new energy vehicle market . Whether in terms of year-on-year growth , In terms of market share ,A00 Class I electric vehicles are now the largest new energy segment in China .

For many consumers ,A00 Although the space of the first-class model is small 、 Poor safety , But it's cost-effective . Compared with hybrid vehicles and fuel vehicles , Micro electric vehicles have an absolute advantage in price , Wuling macro light MINI EV, The price is only 2.98 Ten thousand yuan , It mainly focuses on the transportation in the city , Twenty days after listing, the sales volume exceeded 1.5 Thousands of cars . Wuling macro light MINI EV It has been selling well for a year , It has a great impact on the vulgar electric vehicle market , Now oil prices continue to grow , It has brought great pressure on traditional car sales .

Consumer research shows that , Many used to rely on bicycles 、 Motorcycles and tricycles 、 The taxi 、 Mass groups of public transport , All bought A00 electric vehicle . Therefore, many car companies have entered the Bureau A00 Class a pure electric vehicle market , For example, oil to electricity Run E-Star, And Ling Bao COCO And punk 、 Reading mango , And Chery QQ Ice cream, etc . Reading cars for marketing , Cooperate with Hunan Satellite TV , Reading's new car, reading mango, has become 《 Chinese restaurant season 5 》 Designated vehicle for .

in general , With the popularity of micro electric vehicles in the market , The number of car companies that want to take a share of the game is bound to increase , It's still unknown whether reading can get a share , To be observed .

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