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At the end of the year, Jingxiong Expressway crossed Fangshan Changyang Road, and the pouring beam of "door opening" was constructed without breaking

2021-08-28 03:12:38 Beijing daily client

The project of Beijing section of Jingxiong expressway is progressing steadily , At the end of the year, the cross Changyang Road will be started one after another 、 Construction of important nodes such as Jingliang road and Metro Fangshan line . In order to reduce the impact on traffic , The section crossing Changyang Road is “ doorway ” Upper cast beam , Non breaking construction . Scheme optimization of Metro Fangshan line , The steel box girder is pushed in place at one time , Reduce construction operations above the operating metro line .

Each beam has a QR code that can be traced

The total length of Jingxiong expressway is about 97 km , The Beijing section is about 27 km , The Hebei section is about 70 km . The Beijing section starts from the Fifth Ring Road in the north , Crossing Yongding River to the West 、 Fangshan Metro Line 、 Turn south after Jingshen road , After crossing the Sixth Ring Road, it continues to extend southward to reach the city boundary , It is connected with the design starting point of Hebei section of Jingxiong expressway .

8 month 23 Japan , The reporter saw in the No. 4 work area contracted by China Railway No. 6 Bureau of Beijing section of Beijing xiongsu Expressway , On the piers of high bridges rising from the ground , The construction personnel are cooperating with cranes and other large equipment , Busy with bent cap construction .“ at present , The construction of pile foundation structure has been completed by more than 50% .” Xiao Bo, Secretary of the Party branch of Jingxiong Project Department of Beijing company of China Railway sixth Bureau, introduced , Beijing section of Jingxiong expressway is mainly located in Xiaoqinghe flood diversion area , In order to meet the flood control requirements 、 Realize efficient and intensive utilization of land resources , It is mainly constructed in the form of viaduct , The proportion of bridges along the whole line is as high as 90%.

On the construction site surrounded by Changyang Road , Tall gantry cranes are relaxing “ delivery ” Focus on 110 Tons of box girder , There will be 2274 The box girder is here “ Prefabrication ”, It is directly transported to the Jingxiong Expressway to complete the construction .“ Beam factory innovatively applies hydraulic running template , Instead of traditional block assembly , Not only the production speed of important links is doubled , It also saves a lot of manpower .” Introduction to Xiao Bo . The reporter saw , Each manufactured box girder has a QR code , After scanning the code, you can clearly see the design size 、 Technical indexes such as concrete strength and information of responsible personnel , Every beam can be traced .

“ Be close to ” Construction of Viaduct on high-speed railway line

According to the construction schedule , At the end of this year , Cross Changyang Road 、 The construction of important nodes such as Jingliang road and Metro Fangshan line will be started one after another .

“ Changyang Road is an important traffic trunk line in Fangshan , There is a lot of traffic in rush hours .” Xiao Bo told reporters , If the steel-concrete composite beam in the original scheme is adopted , It is necessary to dispatch large-scale mechanical road closure construction , In order to minimize traffic impact , Finally, the concrete cast-in-situ beam is selected .“ It is equivalent to pouring beams on the door opening support , Under the door opening, you can drive a sports car as usual .” Introduction to Xiao Bo , The fourth work area is close to the center of Changyang Town, Fangshan District , The surrounding business is prosperous , Buildings requiring demolition, reconstruction and protection within the construction scope 、 Power lines 、 Communication lines 、 gas pipeline 、 There are many water supply and drainage pipelines , Heavy workload .

Besides , The whole section of work area IV is constructed in parallel with Beijing Shijiazhuang Passenger Dedicated Line , The nearest distance to the high-speed rail line is only 35 rice , From time to time, we can see the high-speed railway speeding near the construction site . therefore , Ensure the stability of high-speed railway structure during construction 、 Operation safety is also the top priority of the project .

The construction over Fangshan line will not affect the subway operation

Over Metro Fangshan Line Project , It is one of the difficulties of Beijing section of Jingxiong expressway . According to introducing , Metro Fangshan line is close to Jingliang road , In order not to affect the normal operation of Fangshan Line , Ensure construction safety , The construction scheme is also optimized —— The steel box girder will be pushed into place at one time , Shorten the construction time above the subway line .

During the construction process , The walking pusher process will be used , Will weigh up to 3500 Tons of beam body is placed on the walking Jack , Use similar “ Walking , Side bridging ” The way , Push the whole bridge into place smoothly , The maximum span of the bridge 61 rice , The bottom of the bridge beam is only... Away from the rail top of the Metro Fangshan line 7.2 rice . Before pushing , The construction party will be on both sides of the Metro Fangshan line , Isolation piles are used to protect the foundation of Fangshan line , Protective shed shall be used for protection during jacking construction .

The Beijing section of Jingxiong Expressway adopts the standard construction of two-way eight Lane expressway , Standard subgrade width 42 rice , The whole line is equipped with super large bridges 1 seat 、 viaduct 4 paragraph 、 Interchange 5 seat , Main line toll station 1 It's about , Beijing checkpoint 1 It's about , Management center and maintenance work area 1 It's about , Ramp toll station 3 It's about , Parking area 1 It's about , The total investment 122.12 One hundred million yuan .

By 8 month 15 Japan , The overall project of Beijing section of Jingxiong expressway has been completed 35%, The bridge works have been completed in total 8372 Linear meters , Completion percentage 35%, Including pile foundation 、 Cushion cap 、 Pier column 、 The bent cap has been completed more than half ; Subgrade filling is completed 43 Wan Fang , Completion percentage 27%. All the work is progressing steadily according to the construction plan , Will be in 2022 year 12 month 31 It will be opened to traffic every day .

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