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White whoring, which fan invented the word? Is the entertainment circle a brothel?

2021-08-28 03:12:45 Oriental Information automobile

Pink circle culture inevitably infiltrates into our life , Like it or not , You are always disturbed intentionally or unintentionally . I accidentally saw such a problem today , A netizen claiming to be a pink circle girl asked such a question : I'm a pink circle girl , Especially hate the white whoring powder around , How can I adjust my mind ?

Whoring for nothing ? What is white whoring ? Understand literally , Just, um ……, This , It's really hard to explain in detail , As concerned about preventing anything-from . But smart as you , It's easy to see , I don't need to explain in detail here . So here comes the question , Who is the target of white whoring ? On the contrary, is it reasonable to whore ? The word whoring , It should be the least popular word in derogatory words :

But people in the pink circle like to use this word to associate their love beans , And white whoring powder is used to refer to those who only like idols , But don't spend money on idols , Don't make a list of fans who do data .

If by their definition , I belong to white whoring powder , But I hate the word , I also refuse to use this word to call me . First of all, I piao Who ? This statement is an insult to both my personality and the personality of my idol , We are fans , When did it become piao Guest ? Since you worship and like your idol so much, your love beans , Why use such low-level and dirty words to relate to your idol ?

Which fan invented the word ? Does it mean that the entertainment circle is a brothel ?

I don't know what the mentality of these fans is , Always like to use some vulgar words on their idols , His behavior is very similar to that of visiting brothels piao customer . We often see some very provocative words on the bullet screen when we brush the dramas with traffic stars : Brother is so beautiful , I really want to shui you ! If anyone objects , She'll say : I type on my computer , It's none of your business ? There are a lot of words that are similar to meat , So angry that many people had to turn off the barrage .

The word white whoring , In fact, it is the word most in line with the cultural temperament of pink circle , low-level 、 Can't get on the table 、 It has something to do with eroticism , If someone jumps out and denies , We are the positive energy inspired by our brother , Attracted by his talent and character , Then I advise you to be careful that your love bean will collapse one day , These entertainment stars , Most of them have black material , It's just not time to break the news .

Don't spend money on Star endorsements , No data for stars , Fans who don't vote for stars and only watch works are called white whoring , There's nothing piao To , I don't want to insult my reputation because I like a star, do I ? Love bean sleeping fans is a kind of evil spawned after the adultery between feudal thought and fan culture , Why is he a star ? How many plays did he play ? He was trying to make money , If you follow the old rules of the Jianghu , Fans are the parents of idol stars , The audience is the master , Stars want to please the master , When did Kun turn upside down ? This word also reflects the low culture and low quality of fan circle culture from a certain angle .

As a consumer , The relationship between idol stars and fans should be the relationship between supply and demand , Fans are consumers , Idols are sellers , As a consumer , Fans should be God , This is the norm in the industry , Only in line with the law of market economy , But today's fan culture puts the cart before the horse , Fans show a dog licking attitude towards their idols , Idol stars are condescending by virtue of their beauty , Don't pay attention to fans at all , But fans are jealous , It's like a palace duel , And created a new one called “ Whoring for nothing ” Come on , Those who buy endorsements as fans “ My job “ Real whoring fans , They... Again piao What happened ? Do they really regard their love beans as Yangzhou thin horses , For your own entertainment ? Even a playwright named 66 thinks , idol shui Fans are fan benefits , I should be grateful , According to her logic , Should we call those bachelors who don't have wives , Let her send Bo Welfare ?

The word "white whoring" is the distortion and deformity of pink circle culture , Originally , Fan culture is ancient , It's just not as conceptualized as it is now , Driven by the crazy pink circle culture , The values of the younger generation are distorted , Idol stars are actually just an ideal person in their virtual self world , They don't understand , It's not that I can't understand , They just don't want to hear , I don't want to understand , Because they want to fill the empty heart in this way . They mold the real love beans into the ideal shape , Even if Aidou really collapses, it doesn't matter , The perfect idol in her mind , It is the support of all her fantasies about the future , therefore , She only chooses what she wants to hear , You can never wake a man who pretends to sleep .

With the collapse of the two top streams , It's time to clean up the portal of pink circle culture , Those people who are full of smell and stench often wear sheepskin , Chasing stars , I really can't catch up with any positive energy , The word white whoring , The tone of the entertainment industry has been defined , Let the buyer not do , I have to make leeks , Let the other party kill , And a smiling face , What are all these reasons !

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