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294900! It's all imported. Is it worth buying a class C luxury car from Japan?

2021-08-28 03:46:11 Oriental Information automobile

For the domestic market C Luxury car , It can be said that it involves brands and models in many countries . But on the whole , Popular models at present , Still German BBA Mainly , It is also known as BMW 5 system 、 audi A6L And Mercedes Benz E Class A . With the localization of these models , Not only are the streets full of , and , It's not cheap in terms of price . Today, , This newly launched luxury car , it 29.49 All the sale , It is a high-end model from Japan , Not only is the threshold lower , And the whole series are pure imported versions . Actually , This model is 2021 Lexus ES, A Japanese brand C Luxury car . that , For this model , It's compared to its peers BBA What are the advantages ? Is it worth buying ? Now let's analyze and introduce .

Advantage 1 : Low threshold , The positioning is very friendly

When it comes to peers BBA Of C Luxury car , Whether it's BMW 5 It's still Audi A6L, Their threshold is usually at 42 All around . Even if the discount is large , But naked cars also have to 30 Tens of thousands . And for 21 Lexus ES, Its entry-level model , Only required 29.49 Ten thousand yuan . It's not just 10 The protection of an airbag , It also has a reversing image 、ACC Adaptive cruise 、 Lane keep 、 Lane departure warning 、 Collision alarm 、 Intelligent driving assistance functions such as active braking . meanwhile , It is also a pure imported model , For some families with limited budgets , There is no doubt a more friendly performance .

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