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I often drive at high speed. What car is more comfortable to drive? German, American or legal system?

2021-08-28 03:46:18 Oriental Information automobile


The speed of China's development , Now it has amazed all countries in the world ! In all the development that China is proud of , Infrastructure is one of the best , Now China's infrastructure technology is not only applied to its own country , There are often some countries , Ask China to help them with infrastructure projects , Then give China the corresponding cost or resource replacement , Of course, China is very happy to do it , Through the construction of this project , It can bring a lot of employment opportunities to China , It will also keep the economy rising !

In all infrastructure projects in China , High speed should be regarded as the leader ! Although China is big , But high-speed can be regarded as extending in all directions , As long as we want to go somewhere , You can go directly to these places on the highway ! however , Driving at high speed , It's not just getting a driver's license , It also requires a lot of practical experience ! The requirements of high speed are very high , High speed is also very long , Driving at high speed for a long time requires comfort : Often on the highway , What car is the most comfortable to drive ? ashkenazi 、 American or legal system ?

The German department is good at running high speed

In the eyes of the Chinese people , What kind of car is the best ? I think , Most people should say , German cars are the best ! There are three main reasons for this . The reason a : The development of German automobile manufacturing industry is relatively early , Therefore, it has profound automobile manufacturing technology . Reason two : German cars entered China very early , As early as the Republic of China , German cars have been stationed in China . Reason three : The Chinese appreciate the German's rigorous attitude , That's why I like German cars .

that , What is the actual performance of German cars on high speed ? today , Let's use Volkswagen in Germany to represent you , Look at the high-speed strength of German cars ! First , What needs to be very certain is , The chassis of German cars will be more stable , The chassis represents the stability of the car , Generally, there are no bumps on the uphill and downhill , It mainly depends on the strength of the chassis , Volkswagen's chassis is very high , Driving on the highway won't float , So it's very suitable for high-speed . Come again , It's the engine !

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