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Tank 500: can you challenge the ceiling of independent brand SUV

2021-08-28 03:46:20 Oriental Information automobile

tanks 500( That is, the tank exposed before 600) To be unveiled at Chengdu auto show , This is the second car of the tank brand SUV, It is also the first time that the Great Wall has carried 3.0T V6 The model of the engine .

Usually we put 30 Ten thousand yuan is regarded as an independent brand SUV The ceiling , At present, in addition to the new forces of car making , There is no independent model with high volume at this price , Further up, it is the world of joint venture brands and imported cars . tanks 300 With 20 Ten thousand yuan worth , It satisfies a lot of people to the horse herder 、 Yearning for hardline off-road vehicles . tanks 500 Use the positioning of business luxury and hard off-road , To challenge our own brands SUV The ceiling of the .

A luxury and hardline SUV What are the highlights of ? We must first look at the power , Power doesn't have to be used , But there must be reserves . Why big G PUSH 2.0T The engine was make complaints about the Internet , No, it's because the reduced displacement doesn't match the positioning of the car .

tanks 500 Pick up the 3.0T V6+9AT The combination of , Is the trump card and confidence of Great Wall Motors . This one is code-named 6Z30 Of 3.0T V6 The engine , The most powerful 260 kw , Peak torque 500 cattle · rice ,1500 The maximum torque is reached when rotating 500 cattle · rice . Add the latest vertical 9AT transmission , This powertrain is in 30 Ten thousand yuan , It can be said that he is arrogant , Yes 2.0T Our opponents are dimensionality reduction attacks . This engine can also match P048V Light mixed system , Cooperate with Miller cycle 、 whole MAP Oil pump, etc , Fuel economy is also better .

Let's look at the body size , tanks 500 The body size of is 5070/1934/1905mm, Wheelbase reached 2850mm. As a reference , Toyota Prado's body data is 4840/1885/1890mm, The wheelbase is 2790mm, tanks 500 Has completely surpassed Prado , Close to Toyota Rand cooluzer data .

Finally, look at the configuration , tanks 500 The same non load bearing body , Standard 4WD system , Three locks 、 Off road configurations such as tank U-turn and creep mode . The interior picture has not been released yet , Therefore, the interior related parts can only be seen at the Chengdu auto show . tanks 300 Has built a good reputation , tanks 500 The product performance further reflects the self-confidence of the tank brand , In power 、 Multiple advantages such as configuration and price , Independent brand SUV The ceiling will no longer be a constraint .

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