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Completely bid farewell to FAW and fully embrace Chang'an. Is the spring of Mazda coming?

2021-08-28 03:46:23 Oriental Information automobile

At the end of last year , Streaming out on the network “ FAW Mazda will be dissolved ” The news of , Although the news was soon officially reported as “ solemn statement ” no , But the end result is still in the direction of rumors . In recent days, , Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. submitted to the antitrust bureau of the State Administration of market supervision 《 Case of Chang'an Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of FAW Mazda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd 》 Application for . Upon completion of the transaction , FAW Mazda will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang'an Mazda . In other words , The merger of Chang'an Mazda and FAW Mazda has entered a substantive stage , And according to the dealer , The parties will 9 In January, the company officially merged sales .

in fact , FAW Mazda has been acquired by Chang'an Mazda for a long time . Mazda China official data show ,2020 Mazda's sales volume in China was 214,574 platform , fell 5.8%. among , The cumulative sales volume of Chang'an Mazda is 136,667 platform , A mild increase year-on-year 0.24%, FAW Mazda only sells 77,907 platform , A sharp decline 14.78%. Obviously , FAW Mazda has seriously dragged down Mazda's sales performance in the Chinese market . Get into 2021 year , After internal discussions on the merger have begun , FAW Mazda is more thorough “ Lie flat ”,1-7 The cumulative monthly sales volume is only 36,466 platform , Less than half of Chang'an Mazda .

Behind the decline in sales , There are FAW Mazda's own reasons , There are also problems left over by history . Different from Chang'an Mazda , FAW Mazda is just a sales company , No R & D and production functions , At the same time, Mazda's equity in the joint venture is relatively low , only 40%. When the integration of research, production and marketing cannot be realized and the voice is weak , Mazda's business in China began to favor Chang'an Mazda ,CX-8、CX-30 And other new products are made by Chang'an Mazda . In contrast, FAW Mazda , since 2016 Launched in 2013 CX-4 after , So far, no new models have been launched . And the number of scarce products , It also makes it difficult for FAW Mazda to further its sales .

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