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Avita will be an independent portal, and Chang'an Automobile will rush high with two trumps in hand

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High end is the destiny of independent brands , Among the top independent car companies , geely 、 The Great Wall 、 saic 、 Dongfeng and other brands have launched high-end brands , Only there is no Chang'an car .
Recently, the high-end road of Chang'an automobile has finally made new progress ,8 month 23 According to the news released on the th , Plan in 8 month 24 Avita, a new generation of intelligent new energy high-end brand, was officially released on the th . Earlier , Avita technology also plans to introduce investors by increasing capital and shares . Today, , Changan Automobile officially launched a fierce attack on the high-end field .

Avita technology accelerates marketization , Will push 5 A high-end car

If you're not in the auto industry , Should not know about avita Technology , In fact, it is Chang'an Weilai Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Chang'an Automobile and Weilai automobile , Focus on high-end intelligent electric vehicles , In this year 5 It was renamed avita technology in June . In the company , Changan Automobile is the major shareholder , The shareholding ratio reaches 95.38%, Shanghai Weilai Automobile Co., Ltd 4.62%. in addition , Avita technology also works with Huawei 、 Ningde times and other parts enterprises cooperate , To get more technical support .


Last week, , Changan Automobile announced that avita technology plans to introduce... Through public listing and capital increase 2~5 Strategic investors , It is reported that , Changan Automobile participated in this capital increase in the form of non-public agreement , The way to increase capital and shares is cash , The price per share is consistent with that of external investors .
This capital increase and share expansion , What has changed greatly is shareholders' equity . After share expansion , The equity of Chang'an automobile has decreased , The proportion of equity held shall be subject to the transaction results and the actual subscription amount of the capital increasing party .

For Changan Automobile , The greater significance of this share expansion is a big step forward in the high-end strategy , Avita technology is also rapidly becoming market-oriented . Avita technology introduces more strategic partners , It also helps to enhance market competitiveness .
According to the plan , Avita technology will be in 8 month 24 Avita, its high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand, was released on the th , And launch... In the next five years 5 models , be based on CHN Architecture to create , The code is E11 The medium SUV It's officially offline , This car is also equipped with Huawei HI Smart car solutions , It is estimated that the battery comes from Ningde era .


Slow pace , But walk steadily

Compared with other mainstream domestic auto enterprises , The high-end road of Chang'an automobile is really slow , As early as 2016 Around the year , Cobolli gigli led g 、 The Great Wall WEY And other independent high-end brands have been born , In contrast, Chang'an Automobile , At present, there is no high-end brand .
In fact, for the high-end brand , Changan Automobile has its own views , It has been said earlier that we must judge the situation when making high-end products , Made with water , Especially when the product power and brand influence have not reached the ideal state , Blind high-end not only can not achieve the expected market , There are even many adverse effects , So in order to avoid more risks , The idea of directly launching more products on the basis of the original brand is more stable .

Changan Automobile does what it says , The high-end method is different from many car enterprises , It is to promote the high-end of the brand with the high-end of the product , In recent years, Changan Automobile aims at cars and SUV The camp launched its flagship models Ruicheng and CS95, Unfortunately, the market response of these two cars did not meet expectations . until 2020 year , Changan Automobile launched a new high-end product series UNI— Gravity , And bring the first product of the series UNI-T after , The achievements of Chang'an Automobile in the high-end market have improved .


UNI-T Last year, 7 Enter the market in June ,8 Sales in January exceeded 10000 . at present UNI The sequence already has UNI-T and UNI-K Two paragraphs SUV, This year, 7 In January, the total sales volume of the series also exceeded 10000 . This achievement has been very good for independent high-end brands , Link car 7 Monthly sales are only 1.8 Thousands of cars ,WEY The brand is as low as 5 Less than a thousand , The market performance of other high-end brands is lower . You can see ,UNI The market sales volume of the series has been at the leading level in the high-end camp .
UNI The success of the sequence has given Changan Automobile great confidence , Decided to launch the high-end brand avita , And the brand release date is advanced from the original end of this year to 8 month 24 Japan . But on avita , We can still see the more conservative approach of Chang'an Automobile , Share the risk equally by introducing multiple shareholders . in addition , Avita's high-end route is also similar to link and WEY The two brands are different , Taking the direction of high-end new energy vehicles .


Choosing the right time to enter also has a big challenge

High end of independent brand , The timing of entering the market is important , Admission too early is likely to become a martyr , Too late will be eliminated by the times . Now the time for Chang'an automobile to enter the market can be said to be at the right time . First , The market acceptance of independent high-end models is getting higher and higher , Especially new energy models , Wei Xiaoli's rising sales performance is the best proof , And compared to start-ups , Changan Automobile's supply chain and manufacturing system have more advantages , Quality is more guaranteed .

Then, the market environment is also conducive to the development of intelligent new energy vehicles , With the advance of the new four modernizations , Strong support from national policies , Intelligent pure electric vehicles have also ushered in the spring of development .
Another point is brand influence , In recent years, the development trend of Chang'an automobile is relatively rapid , This year's sales performance once surpassed Geely , Become the sales leader of the independent camp , In this year 1-7 Moon chip shortage 、 Repeated outbreaks, etc , The market sales volume of Chang'an automobile can still grow against the trend ,1-7 In January, Changan Automobile sales exceeded 137 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 38.4%, Among them, the achievements of Chang'an's independent brands have also exceeded the mark of one million vehicles , achieve 1,099,406 car , Year-on-year growth 46.1%. so to speak , The development of high-end brands of Chang'an Automobile integrates the advantages of time, place and people .


It is worth mentioning that , Changan Automobile is later than other automobile enterprises to make efforts to high-end, which is also conducive to summing up their own experience , By studying the high-end success and failure of independent brands , Analyze the most suitable path for their own development , Is to build high-end intelligent new energy vehicles .
Changan Automobile cooperates with Huawei and Ningde times , It is believed that the vehicle built by avita technology will have excellent performance in terms of intelligent configuration and battery system performance . However, the competition in the field of high-end intelligent new energy vehicles is also very fierce , Except Wei Lai 、 Xiao peng 、 New forces such as ideals , And Baidu 、 Xiaomi and other technology companies , These startups build cars with internet thinking , Not only the model configuration is advanced , The service mode is also more intelligent and efficient , This is a big challenge for Chang'an Automobile .


Although the high-end brand of Chang'an Automobile came late , But at last , And avita's path is the same as link and WEY The two brands are different , It is aimed at the field of high-end intelligent new energy vehicles , It's a new air outlet , At the same time, avita technology's approach is also relatively stable , Join hands with Huawei and Ningde times , Even more shareholders , Access to advanced technology and battery systems , Better fight in the market , At the same time, it can further reduce the risk of upward impact . But now the high-end new energy vehicle market is also competing , Whether avita can enter the market with UNI As fast and successful as the sequence ?

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