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V12 models that will never be forgotten by history

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In less than 10 In a matter of years , The automotive world has changed dramatically , once V12 and V8 It appears in many models , But now , The number of both engines has been greatly reduced , Hybrid or pure electric super run gradually comes out to occupy the market , The world of fuel engine sports cars is constantly squeezed ,V12 Has been limited to multimillion dollar supercars , and V8 It is no longer applicable to Ford Mustang, etc 10 On a million dollar car .


today , Let's enjoy the recent years , Those wonderful in the world V12 models , In a few years , Maybe V12 It will also become the dust of history , But never mind. , Car history will remember them ......

ferrari 812

2017 Ferrari launched 812 Superfast, This is a F12 berlinetta Heirs of , use 6.5L V12 Naturally aspirated engine , Can be in 8500rpm Time production 789hp The power output of , stay 7000rpm Time production 718N·m The torque , It was the most powerful naturally aspirated mass-produced automobile engine at that time .


Later, they launched 812 GTS Convertible and 812 Competizione etc. , among 812 Competizione by 812 The ultimate performance version of the car series , The overall appearance is similar to Superfast be similar , But with a more ferocious air force Kit . Performance has also improved a lot , Increase the engine speed to 9500 turn , Horsepower has gone to 820hp,0-100km/h Speed up as long as 2.85 second .


The engine :6.5 l V12 Naturally aspirated

Output :789-820 horsepower


Red thread :9500rpm

A top speed of :340km/h+

Price :33.5 Thousands of dollars –60 Thousands of dollars +

Apollo IE

Apollo IE Is limited to 10 car , They were all sold out some time ago , I believe the car owner will collect it as a treasure , It is Apollo Automobil( Formerly known as Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur) The first model of , Is with the HWA AG And other partners , According to data , This is the world's first all carbon fiber supercar , Including a uniquely designed carbon fiber chassis 、 Single cabin 、 Subframe and anti-collision structure, etc , To achieve both safety 、 Torsional rigidity and lightweight requirements .


Apollo IE On board V12 The engine comes from Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Adjust the power take-off to 780hp/760Nm, The speed red line falls at 9000rpm. The weight of the whole vehicle is only 1250 kg , Speed up 100 kilometers to 2.7 second , Fast 335km/h.


The engine :6.3L V12 N/A

Output :780hp

Red thread :9000rpm

A top speed of :335km/h

Price :260 Thousands of dollars

lamborghini Aventador SVJ

2018 year 7 month 27 Japan , lamborghini AventadorSVJ Ran out of... At the Nurburgring north ring circuit 6 branch 44 second 97 The achievement of , Refresh Porsche 911GT2RS(6 branch 47 second 3) The previous record of the fastest lap speed of mass production vehicles .


lamborghini Aventador SVJ It will be an independent natural suction on the road V12 The last performer of the symphony of fate , The maximum speed is 8700 turn / time-sharing , Can provide 770hp Power , It takes only 100 kilometers to accelerate 2.8 second . It is also the only one of these cars whose price is lower than 100 Thousands of dollars in V12 Super car .


The engine :6.5L V12 Naturally aspirated

Output :770hp

Red thread :8700rpm

A top speed of :350km/h+

Price :57 Ten thousand dollars +

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Aston Martin Valkyrie It is a new super sports car jointly built with Red Bull , sales 150 platform , This is also the best thing money can buy today V12 One of , Carried by Cosworth Cosworth Made of 6.5 l V12 The engine , The comprehensive maximum power can reach 1160 horsepower , Peak torque up to 900N·m. The maximum speed can reach 11100rpm, Can be in 10500rpm At the speed of , Reach peak power .


By Car And Driver be called “ The world's strongest sports car that can be legally on the road ”.


The engine :6.5L V12 NA Hybrid

Output :1155hp

Red thread :11100rpm

The highest speed :350kmh+

Price :300 Thousands of dollars

lamborghini Essenza SCV12

Lamborghini's last pure natural inspiration V12 The engine , limited 40 platform , But you can't go on the road legally , It is the first roll cage made of carbon fiber on the market , And consistent with FIA FIA's top sports car safety standard models .


It has with Aventador SVJ Same engine , But using the 6 Speed sequential manual transmission , Maximum horsepower 830hp.


The engine :6.5L V12 NA

Output :830hp

Price :260 Thousands of dollars +

Gordon Murray T.50

Gordon Murray T.50, A car that is still unfamiliar to us , This is McLaren F1 The true spiritual successor , It's naturally aspirated V12 and 6 The high-speed manual transmission provides power , And F1 equally , It has a centralized driving position .


The biggest highlight of this car is the engine , carrying 4.0L V12 The engine , See the data , Only 654 horsepower , Peak torque is 466 Cattle meters , But its speed has reached a terrible 12100rpm.


The engine :4.0L V12 by Cosworth

Output :654hp

Red thread :12100rpm

Price :320 Thousands of dollars

pagani Huayra R

In the famous Zonda R Be born 10 After year , Pagani is another product positioned as a pure track car Huayra R coming .


And Zonda R equally , It's naturally aspirated V12 Engine powered , Maximum power is reached 850hp, The maximum horsepower output even reached 9000rpm, It's the most powerful car in Pagani's history , The global set limit to 30 platform .



The engine :6.0L V12 NA⁣

Output :850hp⁣

transmission :6spd The order ⁣

Red thread :9000rpm

Dry weight :1050kg

Price :300 Thousands of dollars

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