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[test drive] ride alone with Macchiato for thousands of miles. Riders: the hybrid is exciting "wey"

2021-08-28 03:58:06 Wechat automobile

From SARS to Xinguan , The virus took only a short time 17 year , The greenhouse effect is shrinking the north and south poles , The earth is angry , Starting her immune system , The crisis facing mankind will only change over time , It's getting stronger , How to reduce the exploitation of the earth , Maybe , It is a common proposition of mankind .

Back to the auto industry , Actually , Energy saving and emission reduction are also the consistent direction of global auto enterprises , From large displacement natural suction to small displacement turbocharging , To the future of pure electricity and even solar energy , The present , We are at the intersection of the past and the future , This small age , Hybrid , Maybe the best solution .


Hybrid field , Liangtian did take a step first , Fortunately , The pace of domestic brands catching up has not stopped . such as , To be listed in Chengdu auto show WEY The first intelligent hybrid product of the brand —— Macchiatto .

Obviously , Macchiato is a car named after coffee , Derived from WEY Inside “ Coffee intelligence ” System , It is intended to express the comfort brought by the intelligence of the car , Let's drive the car , It's like being in a cafe . that , This Macchiato , Can it be WEY The masterpiece of the coffee series ?


8 month 22 Japan , I was lucky to be invited to “ Mary, open it all Thousands of miles —— Macchiatto 1100 Km zhongyumaxing Fuzhou Station ” The activities of , Through zero distance 、 Various test drives , Deeply experienced the outstanding strength of this car . below , Let's talk about it inside and outside .


Space : A small bag is big , Praise !

Macchiato's inner space surprised me a lot , As a compact SUV, The inner space is beyond your expectations , As for the specific data or the description of a few punches , Online too much , Let's see for ourselves . The only space is insufficient , It's the trunk , Limited by size and comparison, the shape of sliding back , The boot space is still at a compact level , Of course , You have to be tolerant , It can also be said that it “ The compasses ”.



dynamic system : Have both fish and bear's paws , Praise !

DHT Specific working state of the system , Reference resources 《 I'm crazy about cars 》 video , There are many other media , Do not go into , One point ,DHT Similar to Honda's hybrid system , But the honda hybrid engine intervened with only one gear , And Macchiato's 1.5 There are two gears when l self-priming power is involved , This is obviously ,WEY Instead of blindly pursuing energy conservation , But between energy saving and power performance , Found a balanced and better solution , Durability aside , This system , It's the most advanced . meanwhile , The engine does not intervene abruptly 、 natural , Driving experience , There should be no point reduction .



chassis : More work is needed , Chinese commentary !

The chassis is very neat , solid , Similar to European cars , however , It still takes more time to adjust the suspension , Slightly insufficient skill , It is sensitive to the feedback of the pavement , Fine bumps are not well filtered and suppressed , On unpaved roads , This problem may be further magnified . The suspension with profound skills should keep a good road feel while , Remove unnecessary small bumps , This will make the driving experience of the vehicle full of charm .



Auxiliary safety : Practical and thoughtful , Praise !

Transparent chassis 、 Track, reverse, etc , Especially during the test , When reversing once , Suddenly a car came from the rear , Vehicle active braking , These abilities , Maybe sometimes it's life-saving .



NVH: Warm and comfortable , Praise !

Front glass double laminated glass , There are even active noise reduction systems , Similar to noise reduction headphones , It works by constantly detecting noisy audio , meanwhile , Transmit backward sound waves to counteract it , This is not black Technology , however , It works , The manufacturer wants to .



Fuel consumption : To save money , Car worry free

Hybrid system , In fact, fuel consumption is the least to worry about , The report of the Ministry of industry and information technology is 4.7 A hundred kilometers , I guess , The actual use should be in 5 A hundred kilometers of oil .



Car engine : a fly in the ointment , Expect to surpass

There is no need to say whether the inner and outer appearance is beautiful or not , Personal aesthetic problems , No standard answer . however , In terms of cars and machines , I don't know if it happened accidentally , The vehicle machine of the test vehicle is in the road test stage , Full crash , all APP Unavailable , But voice control can . This point , Personally think , The manufacturer needs to take out 100% To optimize , otherwise , Once the market reputation declines , It takes several times the cost to recover .


Conclusion of the car incident

Sum up , Personally think that , The key to Macchiato's future success or failure may lie in several points : The first is the price , How to compete with competitors PK; The second is the optimization of vehicle machine system and chassis ; The third is durability , This is for the long run ,WEY The future of , Especially the key .

Now , The core hybrid technology is no inferior to the joint venture brand , If the above details are in place , I believe Macchiato's future market performance will live up to expectations , Break the joint venture monopoly in the hybrid field , Independent brands can be expected in the future !



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