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Bid farewell to bad habits and beautify the home -- Sidelights on the comprehensive treatment of environmental sanitation in Guandian Town, Shaodong Ling

2021-08-28 04:10:08 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Zeng Shuyan   Ning Jianhua ) In recent days, , Walk into Shengwang village, lingguandian Town, Shaodong city , The neat village road winds and stretches under the blue sky and white clouds , The colorful flowers on the roadside exude a charming fragrance . The houses in the village are arranged in order , There are a circle of fences in front of and behind the house , Captive chickens 、 Ducks and other poultry .

Come to Shengwang Village Activity Center , Jing Jianhua, deputy secretary of the village branch, introduced , Ten years ago, the appearance of the village was still relatively backward , The environment is dirty and messy .“ In the past , People's awareness of environmental sanitation is very weak , The front and back of the house are full of sundries , Poultry free range , The phenomenon of littering is everywhere .” Jing Jianhua said , In lingguandian town Party Committee 、 Under the leadership of the government , In the past five years, the village has carried out comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation , Earth shaking changes have taken place in the living environment .

Shengwang Village 10 A group of villagers , Yes 11 A courtyard 、 villager 1557 people . In order to improve the environmental sanitation in the village , The village is equipped with 5 A cleaner , Clean the public area completely . meanwhile ,5 Famous village “ Two committees ” Cadres organize villagers 、 Party members and volunteers set up an environmental sanitation inspection team , Carry out health inspection in Villagers' homes from time to time 、 Exhort , Carry out environmental sanitation evaluation every month , Pass the evaluation results “ Every village sounds ” The loudspeaker shall broadcast and publicize on the bulletin board . Of course , We should mobilize the masses to bid farewell to bad habits , Form the good habit of taking care of environmental sanitation , Publicity is equally important .“ The town takes environmental sanitation work as a fixed agenda of the Party Committee , Our village also speaks at every meeting , Not only at the meeting , He often goes to people's homes to talk about .” Jing Jianhua said , The village “ Two committees ” Cadres 、 party member 、 The team leader and the courtyard leaders hardly distinguish between occasions , Seize every opportunity to preach to the masses the importance of doing a good job in environmental sanitation . among , A folk song created by Jing Jianhua to publicize environmental sanitation knowledge 、 Small video tiktok is popular in Sheng Wang village , It even affected the masses of surrounding villages to come one after another “ gather and watch ”.

In town 、 Driven by the village cadres and the joint efforts of the whole village people , Shengwang village has become a real “ Health village ”“ Beautiful countryside ”.2017 year , The village was elected “ Shaoyang health village ”, Selected the next year “ Hunan health village ”.

In order to promote the comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation in the whole town , This year, 5 month , The town has comprehensively carried out rural residential environment improvement and village cleaning action . With “ Sweep clean 、 Put it in order 、 Be orderly 、 Change your habits ” Target , The town has established a party committee 、 The government leaders are responsible for the work , Make it clear that the cadres stationed in the village are the commander in chief , The village “ Two committees ” Grasp the upper and lower linkage of implementation 、 Horizontal coordination mechanism . Vigorously develop “ Health education into the classroom ”“ Small hands pull big hands · The hygiene department is ready to do it ” Activities , Improve villagers' awareness of cleanliness 、 Environmental awareness 、 Health consciousness , Stimulate villagers' enthusiasm to participate in village cleaning action . Comprehensively clean up rural domestic waste , Fully dredge the rivers and ditches 、 cleaning , The agricultural production wastes such as livestock and poultry breeding feces were comprehensively cleared and transported .

Huang Yiyuan, Secretary of lingguandian town Party committee, said , In the next stage, we will continue to increase the financial capital investment and publicity at the town level , Strengthen the reward and punishment assessment system , Encourage each village to actively create a province 、 City Health Village , Truly make the work of improving rural living environment deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

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