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Shaodongling Guandian Town: build a strong epidemic prevention barrier and see the truth through door-to-door service

2021-08-28 04:10:12 Red Net

Vaccination site .

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Ning Jianhua Luo Ting )8 month 22 Japan , Jing Puchun, Party branch secretary of Siyu village, lingguandian Town, Shaodong City, said :“ My village is just 100 Jing Chunlin, a - year-old man, also volunteered for the new crown vaccination today , It has played a good driving role .”

Lingguandian town is composed of the original maohedian township 、 Chazishan Township 、 The second merger of shizhuqiao Township , area 150 multikm2 , The total population is close to 10 ten thousand people , The whole town has many mountains 、 There are many empty nesters 、 More population 、 The characteristics of scattered residence , It brings some difficulties to the vaccination of Xinguan vaccine . In the work of the previous paragraph , The town Party committee and government adopted “ Pick up mode ”, However, due to the scattered residence of vaccination objects , Although with the efforts of town and village cadres, publicity and mobilization , The vaccination effect is still “ Not so good ”.

since 8 month 21 The day begins , Lingguandian town is organized by the Town Central Health Center 15 Composed of doctors 5 A team , The team was accompanied by the town staff to the whole town 42 A village ( Community ) Carry out door-to-door service and vaccinate , They braved the scorching sun 、 Take the heat 、 War heat , Go deep into the farmhouse to provide zero distance service for the people who should be vaccinated , Take care of the party 、 The government's convenience policy is directly sent to thousands of families .

In the process of door-to-door service , The doctor in the health center smiled sincerely , The town and village cadres gave detailed publicity and explanation , The old people were deeply moved . Such as Qu Yuebao, the old Party branch secretary of Zhongshi village, when the elderly were vaccinated , Pick up and drop off with your car many times ; Ning shunqiu, Secretary of chazishan village branch, asked when the elderly were vaccinated , Help the old man , I'm afraid the old man will fall ; When the village cadres of Qiaozhuang Chong Village vaccinated the disabled elderly , Back up and back down , Help me walk ; Two from Tongle village 95 When the old man was vaccinated , Luo Ruzhi, the village party secretary, actively explained and publicized the benefits of vaccination , These actions have won the people's understanding and support for the vaccination of the new crown vaccine , Built an unbreakable immune barrier . As Huang Yiyuan, Secretary of the town Party committee, said at the town and village cadres' meeting :“ We are in the new crown vaccination , Be sure to exchange sincerity for truth , Do good things , Do practical things well .”

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