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Shaoyang County audit bureau strengthens the supervision of "micro power" in the village to benefit the people

2021-08-28 04:10:22 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 22 - ( correspondent Huang Yousheng Chen Jian )“ The county audit bureau is stationed in our village , Supervise and guide us to adhere to party affairs 、 village affairs 、 Financial disclosure .”8 month 21 The morning of , The village Party Secretary of Duwen village, Lijiaping Town, Shaoyang County, who is busy voting for deputies to the county and Township People's congresses, said .

2017 year , Shaoyang County Audit Bureau stationed in Duwen village to carry out poverty alleviation and help ,2018 In, the adjacent datangping village was added . This year, , The Bureau continues to connect the two villages , Perform their duties and help rural revitalization . The village assistance team strengthened the village from the beginning “ Small rights ” regulatory 、 Implement the masses' right to know , As an important part of Party building work . Establish two villages “ Three things are open ” The system . Keep an eye on the village “ Micro power ” Running track ,“ Disease prevention ” And “ Cure disease ” Combination , promote “ Micro power ” Work for the people and benefit , Let the masses understand , Protect the innocence of village cadres .

Open up outdoor space on the village comprehensive service platform “ Village affairs are open ” Publicity column , Open the deliberations and decisions of the party organization 、 Carry out activity system , Collection and use of Party dues 、 Party member development plan 、 Annual review of Party members 、 Construction of Party style and clean government ; Term planning of the village committee 、 Objectives and annual work plan , Village Council 、 Village supervisory committee 、 Six members of the women's Development Association 、 duty , Various agricultural subsidies 、 Villagers' opinions, suggestions and feedback, etc ; The annual financial income approved by the villagers' representative meeting 、 the , Poverty crucial 、 Use of funds for rural revitalization construction projects , Appropriation from superior departments 、 Donations , Village collective assets 、 Capital audit, etc . This year, , The audit conclusions of the task force are added to the village financial disclosure , Put learning party history on the action of doing practical things , Enhance credibility .

“ Through publicity , The masses suspect that village cadres have good relatives and friends 、 The noise of fishing for oil and water disappeared naturally , Now people are simple .” Village Party Secretary Yang Ruzhen said “ Now the whole village has tap water 、 Solar street lamps are installed , The cement road is even to groups and even households , The people all praise the party's good policy .”

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