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Boost the development of industrial clusters, and the 74000 square meter standardized plant in Shunyi will be completed next year

2021-08-28 04:10:39 Beijing daily client

In Zhongguancun shunyiyuan automobile base plate , The third generation and other advanced semiconductor industry standardization plants are being built in full swing . In recent days, , The municipal development and Reform Commission has approved the fund application report for the standardized workshop of the third generation and other advanced semiconductor industries in Shunyi district . The total building size 7.4 A standardized workshop of 10000 square meters may open a new chapter of industrial cluster development .

The effect picture of the factory building

“ Planted Wutong tree , Attract the Phoenix ”, Build plant infrastructure for enterprises , Enable science and technology enterprises to focus on R & D and innovation , Is to support enterprise development 、 An important means to improve the investment environment .

Standardized plant refers to the unified planning within the specified area , It's universal 、 overcoatability 、 Intensive and other characteristics , It mainly provides a development platform of production and operation sites for industrial enterprise agglomeration development and industrial investment projects .

According to introducing , The project is based on the needs of settled enterprises and the universal needs of advanced semiconductor projects such as the third generation , Standardized workshops and corresponding supporting facilities will be built uniformly , And provide interior decoration and transformation space for future settled enterprises , The main buildings are 1 An office building and 5 A production plant , The production plant will be built into two independent functional areas of R & D and pilot production .

It is worth noting that , The standardized plant construction and operation mode will greatly reduce the fixed asset investment of enterprises in building plants , Ease the pressure of construction funds in the early stage of the project , Improve the landing efficiency of industrial projects , Promote the rapid production of enterprises , Solve the difficulty of industrial project implementation 、 Expensive landing 、 Land slowly and wait for the pain .

The relevant person in charge of the municipal development and Reform Commission said , With the construction of the project , The investment promotion work has also been started simultaneously , At present, Beijing gallium Technology Co., Ltd 、 Beijing tesidi Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd 、 Beijing HUAC Yuanxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd 、 Beijing Boke Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd 8 Units intend to sign a contract to settle in , All are photoelectrons 、 Power electronics 、 Leading enterprises in microwave, RF and other subdivided fields . In addition to that 20 More than quality projects are under negotiation .

In addition to attracting high-quality enterprises to gather , The implementation of the project will also help the development of industrial clusters . The development of core technology industries such as advanced semiconductors is the key to rejuvenating the country through science and technology 、 Key areas of innovation power 、 Neck area , Construction and operation of directional standardized plant , It will help to seize the development opportunities of the third generation and other advanced semiconductor industries , Accelerate the gathering of Beijing's third generation and other advanced semiconductor industries and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements , Build an innovative industrial cluster demonstration area focusing on the semiconductor industry .

meanwhile , Promote the construction of standardized workshops , For optimizing resource allocation , Ease the tension and contradiction of land use , Optimize the industrial bearing space , Reduce the initial investment of the third generation and other advanced semiconductor industries , Promote the development of high-tech enterprises , Cultivating industrial ecology is also of great significance .

It was revealed that , The project has been completed on 2020 year 6 Construction started in May , Plans to 2022 year 4 Monthly completion acceptance and meet the use conditions . In the future, Beijing will also build phase II of the airport international plate construction project in Shunyi Park, Zhongguancun .

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