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This is the "boutique" of the joint venture, with a fuel consumption of 5.2L per 100 km and standard tire pressure monitoring

2021-08-28 04:16:39 Oriental Information automobile

This is a joint venture “ The high-quality goods ”, Fuel consumption in one hundred kilometers 5.2L, With standard tire pressure monitoring, the competition in today's automobile market is very fierce , Major car companies are also trying to improve the cost performance of their models , The appearance rate of this car is not low in the market in recent years , And many friends who want to start a joint venture sedan , Will take a look at this car , So here comes the question , Whether Buick Willan is good or not ? In my impression , The cost performance of this car is worth affirming .

Buick Willan presents a young design style in appearance design , The wide air intake grille is matched with the upper spread wing trim strip , It can bring good recognition , And China open and headlamp group are well integrated , Formed a good integrity , The shape of the headlight group is very three-dimensional , And the internal standard configuration LED Distance light , It has high light transmittance after lighting .

From the side , The overall design of Buick Velan is very dynamic , The intermittent waistline rises gradually , Create a good visual effect , The whirlwind rim design is also very beautiful . In the tail , The design style of this car is layered , The line feeling is also very full , At the bottom is the exhaust layout with bilateral single outlet , The overall feeling is more durable .

interiors , Buick Veron adopts a simple and generous design style , There is also a large area of soft material wrapped in the car , With red stitching , It has greatly improved the sense of class in the car , High configuration models are equipped with leather steering wheel , Very good grip , And the multi-function button above is also very practical ,8 The inch touch LCD screen is standard in the whole system , Support mobile Internet 、 Internet of vehicles and OTA upgrade , Well improved the overall technology experience .

In space , The length, width and height of Buick Willan are 4723×1802×1466 mm , The wheelbase is 2700 mm , Such data is also very advantageous in the same level , The overall ride space is also worth praising . In other configurations , Buick Willan is also equipped with an electric sunroof 、 Engine start and stop technique 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Parking radar 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Power windows 、 Electric adjustment of exterior rearview mirror , The medium and high configuration models are also equipped with automatic air conditioning .

In terms of motivation , Buick Veron 1.0T and 1.3T Two powers , The former's maximum power 125 horsepower , Maximum torque 180 Cattle meters , The latter's maximum power 165 horsepower , Maximum torque 240 Cattle meters , matching 6 Manual transmission and CVT Stepless gearbox , The overall driving experience is quite smooth , And the seat is very comfortable ,1.0T Power and good fuel economy , The fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 5.2 l .

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