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By "online love" to defraud money, the suspect was defrauding the next "prey" when he was found by the police

2021-08-28 04:17:15 Beijing daily client

A woman was cheated out of making friends online 1 After 10000 yuan alarm , Beijing Chaoyang police investigation found , The victim “ The world evaporates ” My online boyfriend is cheating the next one affectionately at this time “ prey ”, and “ prey ” I'm still there “ handsome guy ” I don't know it in the woven emotional trap . Reporters learned , at present , Zhai, a man suspected of online dating fraud, has been criminally detained by Chaoyang police .

This year, 6 At the beginning of , Chaoyang District Longtou police station received a woman's alarm , Said he was cheated when making friends online 1 Ten thousand yuan . Ms. Li told the police , She met a man who claimed to be Zhai through mobile phone dating software , Each other's photos are tall 、 handsome , Chat is also considerate , Ask Ms. Li every day , The two talked very well . Gradually, Ms. Li found herself infatuated with him .

But as they spend more time together , Zhai started “ Get to the point ”, Many times in urgent need of money 、 Borrow money for reasons such as paying fines , also “ sincere ” To provide her ID number to Ms. Li. , Promise to pay back the money when you get paid . That's it , Ms. Li transferred money to Zhai one after another 1 Ten thousand yuan .

However , The promised repayment deadline has been reached ,“ handsome guy ” But there was no movement . Ms. Li reminded me many times 、 After urging , Zhai disappeared directly 、 The world evaporated . I sensed something was wrong , Ms. Li called the police quickly .

After investigation , The police locked in the “ Affectionately ” Zhai, who defrauded another woman . here , The second victim, Ms. Zhang, has been cheated away 9000 element . Until the police contacted Ms. Zhang , She is still immersed with Zhai “ On marriage ” In the joy of , I don't want to believe what I met is not “ Mr. Right ”, But a liar .

Final , Police in a community in Beijing will 40 Zhai, a jobless man in his twenties, was arrested . After trial , He confessed to the crime of defrauding Ms. Li and Ms. Zhang . at present , Zhai was criminally detained by Chaoyang police on suspicion of fraud .

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