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Those amazing ingenious designs on the car are experts if you know two

2021-08-28 04:17:25 Oriental Information automobile

We deal with cars every day , But you know ? The design of some parts or functions on the car is absolutely amazing , When you understand the principle, you will definitely applaud the designer's genius . Today, let's talk about the amazing clever designs on the car .

1、 How does the tank know it's full ?

Many car owners are afraid to fill up when refuelling , I'm afraid filling up is bad for the car . In fact, you don't have to worry at all , Because I know how much to eat , When it is added to the maximum capacity, the fuel tank will make the refueling gun jump .

Because the air and fuel vapor in the tank , When refuelling, they will prevent fuel from flowing into the tank , Therefore, a vent pipe is arranged at the top of the fuel tank to allow air and fuel vapor to flow out for refueling . The height of the vent pipe is consistent with the maximum capacity height of the oil tank , When you add it to the maximum capacity position, the oil level just blocks the vent pipe inlet , Cause gas blockage on the side of the filler pipe , Cause the refueling gun to jump , Tell you it's full .

2、 How does the fuel pump suck up the last drop of oil in the tank

Can the car run out of oil in the tank without a drop ? Almost . This is due to the ingenious design of the oil pump .

The picture above shows a car oil pump , The white one outside is the oil cup , The oil pump motor is installed there . When the oil pump works, part of the oil pumped out is supplied to the engine through the oil delivery pipe , Another small part is provided to the jet nozzle under the oil storage cup , Driven by the fuel, the jet nozzle constantly sucks the oil at the bottom of the oil tank into the oil storage cup , The oil pump motor draws oil from the oil storage cup .

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