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New energy vehicle consumption ten city insurance data released, Shanghai personality favors EV?

2021-08-28 04:17:28 Oriental Information automobile

Liu Jungang 8 month 23 Japan , A data from gestar , It has aroused the strong interest of auto liuxiaobian . This is Gaishi automobile according to the insurance coverage of the CIRC , A summary 2021 year 1—6 Monthly consumption data of new energy vehicles in various cities . According to this data , We can not only see the ranking of major cities consuming new energy vehicles , It can also see which city residents prefer which models .

Shanghai citizens especially favor new energy vehicles ? According to this set of data released by gestar , You will find the total number of new energy vehicles in Shanghai , Reached the second place, nearly double that of Shenzhen . Because this data only published the top ten cities , therefore , Summarizing these data can see , The total amount of insurance in these ten new energy vehicle consuming cities has reached 429379 car . And the China Automobile Association is 7 Monthly published data display : This year, 1-6 month , Production and sales of new energy vehicles were completed separately 121.5 Thousands of cars and 120.6 Thousands of cars , Double year on year growth . that , In the total sales of new energy vehicles 120.6 Of 10000 vehicles , Ten cities account for more than 35.6%, meanwhile , Data of China Automobile Association 120.6 The data of 10000 vehicles also includes non passenger new energy vehicles , However, the CIRC data are mainly new energy passenger vehicles . Gaishi automobile mentioned when analyzing the top ten consumption cities of new energy vehicles :“ Actually , The reason why new energy vehicles sell well in first tier cities with limited purchase , It is inseparable from the relevant policies ‘ stimulate ’”. And this policy ” stimulate ” Mainly limited travel / Licensing restrictions , It has a great impact on consumption . It's just 8 month 20 Japan , There was also a message “ The Ministry of industry and information technology will promote all localities to cancel automobile purchase restrictions , Encourage local governments to introduce more preferential policies for real gold and silver , Promote the transformation of automobile from purchase management to use management “ The news of , However, it is not yet clear what measures will be introduced .

In the list of cities with pure electric vehicles , Shanghai still tops the list , The gap with the second ranked Beijing has nearly doubled .

Of course , For plug-in hybrid models , Shanghai citizens are also very enthusiastic . Actually , This year includes BYD 、 Geely and other brands , All in the force push and insert hybrid or hybrid technology , But in terms of total consumption , The risk of plug-in hybrid models is higher than that of pure electric vehicles , It's not an order of magnitude anymore .

First tier cities prefer high-end models ? First tier cities love Tesla , Small town residents are keen on Wuling Hongguang MINIEV. From the distribution table of favorite models , Can see great similarities , One is Beijing 、 Residents of mega cities like Shanghai , Prefer Tesla , Although the licensing data are slightly different , But the order is exactly the same . secondly ,“ Real estate car ” The embodiment in Guangzhou and Shenzhen is relatively direct , Two leading models , They are mainly local car enterprises . And for Zhengzhou 、 A first tier city like Chengdu , The purchase choice is more grounded , Including Wuling Hongguang MINIEV、 Run E-Star And Chery eQ1 And other models have also entered the ranking .

besides , The top three of the new forces of car making “ Li Xiaowei ” Distribution of consumption hotspots , It also shows a great contrast , Compared with , Ideal and Xiaopeng's sales are evenly distributed , Wei Lai is lower in the ranking of some cities .

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