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From Elantra n, we can see that Korean brands are very respectable

2021-08-28 04:17:34 Oriental Information automobile

From Elantra N It can be seen that , Korean brand is very respectable, in the eyes of domestic car fans , Joint venture brands also exist , For example, the premium of German and Japanese brands can often be very high , But sales never have to worry , The cost performance of American and Korean brands is often very excellent , As a result, the sales volume is not so exaggerated . In particular, Korean car brands are always treated differently in the Chinese market , Like modern sonata or Kia K5 They are very excellent medium-sized cars in the same level field , As a result, the monthly sales volume is only a few hundred units , The more expensive accord maiteng does not have this phenomenon . In fact, Korean auto brands are also seeking transformation in recent years , For example, Hyundai Automobile actively participates in various automobile competitions in TCR perhaps WRC New modern models can often be seen in the competition .

The reason why they spend a lot of money to participate in the competition , Because Hyundai wants to build its own performance car series , The immediate priority is to N Series of products continue to expand , Hyundai launched Elantra this year N, In fact, it is based on the second 7 A new sports performance version built on behalf of Elantra models , If you take the ordinary version of Elantra as Lingke 03, So now Elantra N Is equivalent to link 03+.

First, let's look at the appearance design , Modern Elantra N Understand the aesthetics of young consumers now , The front face of the car adopts black large-size air inlet medium mesh and red aerodynamic front shovel , There are lines on the side of the car body similar to cutting with a knife and axe , To achieve this effect, we need higher requirements for sheet metal die , Of course, it will further increase the manufacturing cost . New Elantra N Additionally, large forged alloy wheels and red brake calipers are provided , The tail provides a carbon fiber tail , The outlet of the exhaust pipe and the decoration of the black deflector are also the finishing touches .

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