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It's not pure, but it's cheaper! Classic Porsche 914

2021-08-28 04:23:24 Oriental Information automobile

Mention the layout of the sports car , Many people can think of the mid rear drive or mid 4WD for the first time . exactly , Center engine , It is recognized as the best way to balance the front and rear counterweights , Mostly used in sports cars . As a professional sports car manufacturer , Porsche has few mid size sports cars , except “ Frog King ”918、“ The former Frog King ” Carrera GT、718、Boxster and Cayman, We can't seem to find any Porsche sports cars with a central layout . Actually , Back in the last century 60 years , Porsche once launched a sports car with a mid engine , But this car is not pure , Gradually, it has been forgotten by people . today , Xiaobian will take you back to this classic middle trot —— porsche 914.

Say Porsche 914 Not pure , Because this is a car jointly built by Porsche and Volkswagen , Many parts of the whole vehicle are provided by Volkswagen . Even on the engine , Are engraved with public logo.

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