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Chang'an plus family welcomes the strong players again, and the appearance configuration is comprehensively upgraded. The pre-sale starts from 106900 yuan

2021-08-28 04:23:40 Chewen channel

stay B Everyone in the station calls the person who uploads the work “UP Lord ”, And this group UP The masters express their opinions, give full play to their strengths and spread good content to everyone , Open your world to me , This is already in line with “ Up ” Attitude towards life , therefore UP The Lord not only represents uploading , It also plays a leading role , Because of this, young people will “UP” As a new indicator of life .

In the second generation of Chang'an CS55PLUS On the publicity poster of opening the pre-sale, we saw “UP life , Honor your love ” Eight typing , Obviously, we already knew the new generation of Chang'an before looking at the configuration sheet CS55 PLUS The goal is to make friends with young people , Sure enough, a row “ New young intellectual partners ” Small words express its attitude , So how does it do it ?

In fact, from the slogan, we can also see the new generation CS55 PLUS Hold firmly “ wisdom ” And “ boring ”, Wisdom refers to... In the car IMS Intelligent interactive system , More than the operation of functions , It can communicate with users with humanized functions . In the driver's seat , The double in front 10.25 Inch 、1920*720 The high-resolution dual screen gives you a strong visual impact , For a moment, you will doubt that you are sitting in Chang'an CS55 In the car ? Around the screen , The designer also used fumigation + Interior design surrounded by red sports , Make users completely immersed in the driving atmosphere of science and technology sports wind , Instantly ignite the desire to drive , The only worry is whether the material is thick enough ? If you care about materials , It's best to experience it before making a decision .

With hardware support , Software is not backward , changan CS55 PLUS Joined the Face ID Face recognition function , For family cars , Its clear identification can automatically replace the air conditioner in the car 、 The multimedia application automatically adjusts to the common state of the driver at that time , Used to iphone Users will definitely like this feature better .

in addition , There is also a housekeeper in the car AI camera , It is as aware of fatigue driving as a supervisor 、 Smoking inside the car 、 Answering the phone and other behaviors that affect driving safety , Once it is found that something is wrong, it will send out an alarm , With it, all drivers should stop taking chances and think that it will not be dangerous to drive home quickly after working overtime , If you are reminded, please pay attention to driving safety , It's best to find friends or family to pick you up .

Above is “ wisdom ” The embodiment of , stay “ boring ” In this respect , changan CS55 PLUS It brings users the name “AI Xiao an ” Smart and caring assistant , For young people living alone, the journey to and from work will no longer feel lonely . On the technical level, it adopts the function of no wake-up , In other words, you have such things as navigation to which restaurant 、 Air conditioner 、 Audio 、 skylight 、 There is no need to prepare for basic needs such as adjusting the window to the desired state “ Hello ,XX“ My opening remarks , Direct said “ I'd like to go XXX” that will do , Such communication will be more smooth .

Chang'an these years CS55 PLUS The reasons why young people like it are the iterative upgrading of products and the precise control of prices , This new car is currently on sale 10.69 Ten thousand yuan , Always give people functional configuration and continue to increase , The price remains cost-effective and cost-effective , That's what makes it so powerful .

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