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Who is more fragrant after domestic production? Brilliance BMW X3 vs. FAW Audi q5l

2021-08-28 04:48:23 Oriental Information automobile

Mention German medium SUV, BMW X3 and audi Q5L It's two cars that everyone can't drive around . After localization , The price of the two cars went down further , It further consolidated their position in this market .Q5L It's the earliest German made in China SUV, The ultra-high cost performance makes his sales volume and reputation increase day by day . And BMW X3 Although localization did not take long , But people who taste the sweetness also love it .

Although they are all made in China , but X3 Unlike Q5L, Try to please consumers after localization , Measures such as lengthening wheelbase , They are all the preferences of domestic consumers .X3 Although domestic , But still go your own way , Always implement BMW's insistence on handling , The wheelbase is not extended . Today we put two cars together , Let's see after making it in China , How competitive they are .

at present , Brilliance BMW, which is changed in the medium term X3 Officially launched , New car launches 3 models , Price range: 39.28-47.58 Ten thousand yuan . The new car was originally planned for 8 The Chengdu auto show, which opened at the end of this month, appeared , But because the auto show was delayed due to the epidemic , At present, the starting time of the new car is not clear .

And the medium-term change to Audi Q5L It has been nearly since this generation of models came into the market 3 Year time , This change ,Q5L It doesn't change much , Just a new design in the details , But you can also see the designer's mind .

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