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Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend Li Bingxi quit love synthesis, dissatisfied with the malicious editing, and mango station responded to the controversy

2021-08-28 04:51:56 Oriental Information automobile

recently , Zhang Yuqi was exposed with her little self 8 My boyfriend Li Bingxi is in love , Two people also envy others like love . And variety shows 《 The love of daughters 》 Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend are dissatisfied because of malicious editing , Finally said to quit this love variety show . The response to mango station is also extremely “ Stereotypes ”, Cause controversy among netizens . So what's going on ? Let's learn the latest news about Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend .

Program malicious editing

Because of attending 《 My sister 》 Zhang Yuqi, who is surrounded with a lot of powder, is also loved by many people , And was affectionately called sister Yuqi . Because of the friendly cooperation , After that, Zhang Yuqi took her boyfriend Li Bingxi to the love variety show 《 The love of daughters 》. For this move , It also makes some netizens dissatisfied , After all, Zhang Yuqi's coffee level is relatively high , Sister brother love is not very reliable . But seeing them sweet on the show , Also relieved .

And in the latest issue of the notice , When Li Bingxi and Zhang Yuqi were chatting, they asked about filming , Zhang Yuqi said it was not easy , I may not be able to help you , You need to work hard on your own .

That's a passage that went crazy on the Internet , On the one hand, netizens agree and praise Zhang Yuqi's soberness , On the other hand, it is about Li Bingxi “ greedy ” Express anger . As Xiaobai , Is it true that the purpose of approaching Zhang Yuqi is to help her more in life ? All the comments are inclined to abuse Li Bingxi , The moment rolled him to the cusp of the storm .

Zhang Yuqi quits with her boyfriend

For the misunderstanding caused by this matter , Zhang Yuqi wrote on her microblog that , Just gave some objective advice , How can it become the status quo of raising yourself and lowering your boyfriend ? For the cooperation with mango station , She felt very disappointed , And expressed regret . Don't accept these malicious clips , So I will quit the next recording with my boyfriend Li Bingxi .

Li Bingxi also sent a document to explain that he was just chatting with Zhang Yuqi , Also because I want to make a film , So I want to ask for some advice .

Mango station responded

Mango station also replied for the first time , Said it would make rectification , Will also release the positive .、 This reply also makes netizens' hearts “ Pull cool pull cool ” Of , That is to say , There are indeed edited ingredients . Now I really make my wind evaluation worse and worse , Although this is a common routine , But it's really inappropriate .

So for the malicious editing of mango station , What do you think ?

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