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The Forestry Department of Ningyuan county organized a special action on wildlife supervision

2021-08-28 04:52:01 Red Net

Infrared moment 8 month 23 - ( Reporter Li Lu The intern Meng Zhiru correspondent Luo Huajun Sun Xiongfei ) In order to further strengthen the management and control of wildlife , Severely crack down on illegal trading of wild animals ,8 month 16 solstice 23 Japan , Yongzhou Ningyuan County Forestry Bureau united with Forest Public Security Bureau 、 Market service center and other departments , Carry out special actions for wildlife law enforcement in the whole county .

In action , Law enforcement officers are divided in two ways , Attack quickly , For all farmers' markets in the county 、 Hotel restaurant 、 Generated by 、 Flower and bird market 、 The pet market 、 Medicine market 、 The transportation distribution center and other places that may involve the operation of wild animals and their products shall be screened by pulling the net . Law enforcement officers mainly check whether there are transactions of wild animals and their products in the farmers' market 、 Processing ; Check the hotel menu 、 Kitchen , Check for wildlife ingredients ; Check the farm ( Household ) Whether to breed without certificate 、 Out of range breeding 、 Is there any acquisition of wild animals , Whether epidemic prevention measures are taken , Whether there is trafficking 、 business 、 Illegal acts such as eating terrestrial wild animals , And track and inspect the original breeding households and places , Prevent the artificial breeding of wild animals for the purpose of eating “ A stirring among the dry bones ”.

Law enforcement officers also widely publicize to the masses 《 Law of the people's Republic of China on the protection of wildlife 》 Relevant laws and regulations , issue 《 A letter to the broad masses of the people in the county 》、 Publicity materials such as brochures on wildlife protection policies 4000 The rest , Hang and post at the farmers' market “ Protect wildlife , Maintaining ecological security ”“ Refuse to eat wild animals , Starts from me ” Banners and slogans 200 More than one .

The relevant person in charge of Ningyuan County Forestry Bureau said , Through a week-long special action on wildlife law enforcement , Severely crack down on wildlife “ purchase 、 shipment 、 Store 、 pin ” Etc , Further strengthen the local awareness of wildlife protection , Effectively maintained ecological security .

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