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Xiangtan Tianyi Economic Development Zone: benchmarking the "five good" Park, focusing on development, speed-up and efficiency enhancement

2021-08-28 04:52:06 Red Net

Red net time correspondent Gong Zhigang Guo Yanjun Xiangtan reports

After a light rain , The heat is receding , Autumn is growing .

Enter Xiangtan Tianyi Economic Development Zone , All we can see is a group of people struggling to catch up with and surpass 、 A fiery scene full of energy .

The workshop assembly line is busy , Logistics vehicles lined up , The construction site is steaming , One building grows at a time ……

since this year on , Tianyi Economic Development Zone to create “ Five good ” The park is the guide , Pay close attention to the construction of industrial projects , Push forward the action of enterprise service year , Continue to optimize the business environment , Industrial development has been steadily improved , The project construction shows the speed of Tianyi , In the new era “ Rush for the exam ” Road , Handed in an exciting answer sheet . Groups of bright data are the most powerful explanation :

1-7 month , The park's total income from technology, industry and Trade 760.2 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 24.6%; Total industrial output value 518.1 One hundred million yuan , growth 25.1%; Large scale industrial output value 326.4 One hundred million yuan , growth 25.9%; Investment in fixed assets 103.7 One hundred million yuan , growth 13%; Complete the total financial revenue 8.93 One hundred million yuan , growth 10.57%.

1-6 month , GDP growth in the park area 、 The growth rate of total import and export trade 、 The actual utilization of foreign capital and other economic indicators are ahead of similar parks in the city .

Xiangtan Tianyi Economic Development Zone .

Focus on industry , Support the development of the park

As the main battlefield of economic construction , New heights of industrial development , since this year on , Tianyi Economic Development Zone actively plans the layout , Focus on the development of leading industries 、 Excellent service , Combined with the study and education of Party History “ I do practical things for the masses ” Work , Innovative development “ I help the development of the park ” Activities , Comprehensively promote the action of enterprise service year , We will promote the development of the real economy and continue to achieve tangible results .

In the food and pharmaceutical industry , Fat brother 、 Wu zizui 、 Huangye and other enterprises expand their production base 、 Expand capacity 、 Launch new products and seize the market , Maintain steady growth ; Grab pig breeding and continue to recover 、 The favorable opportunity of expanding market demand , Aonong Biology 、 Zhengbang feed and other enterprises have achieved prosperous production and marketing ; Guangzhou Restaurant through brand promotion effect , Gradually improve the new online and offline sales model , The output value is maintained on a monthly basis 40% Year-on-year growth rate . At the same time, the food enterprises in Jiahai Industrial Park have been put into operation 30 home , Shopkeeper Rushi 、 Sauce hero 、 The production and operation of Fuxi and other enterprises are gradually on the right track , It's going well .

In the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry , With the gradual recovery of the automobile market , BAIC Foggia 、 Fonda platinum 、 Smart technology and other cars 、 Rail transit supporting enterprises have maintained a steady upward trend ; The first electric locomotive factory in China 65 Tons of three-axis super standard rail driverless electric locomotive was successfully offline . At the same time, Boyi Industrial Park gathers supporting enterprises of rail transit equipment industry 40 More than , It has become an important accessory professional park of Chang Zhu Tan rail transit equipment .

In the new material industry , Feishanqi 、 Changle building materials and other new building materials production enterprises , Introduce intelligent manufacturing and information technology , Product added value 、 Production capacity and product quality have reached a new level ; South copper group grabs the market , Copper calendering production maintains a good development trend .

1-6 month , Food and medicine in the park 、 The industrial output value of the three leading industries of intelligent equipment manufacturing and new materials increased year-on-year respectively 33.5%、14.2%、18.1%, Its output value accounts for... Of the total industrial output value of the park 97.5%.

Pay close attention to the project , Lead the development of the park “ gap ”

The project is the source of the development of the park . since this year on , Tianyi Economic Development Zone has firmly established “ The project is king ” idea , Always take project construction as the first starting point for accelerating development , Go deep into “ Take the first step Project theory heroes ” The competition , Focus on investment projects rather than landing 、 Projects under construction are better than 、 Ratio of completed projects to efficiency , Hold on to the construction of major projects “ gap ”, It provides a strong driving force for the high-quality development of the economic development zone .

Stick to everything around the project 、 Everything revolves around the project , Fully implement the leadership contact project of the Party Working Committee 、 Working mechanisms such as up and down escort projects in the region , Help the project construction run out of “ Tianyi speed ”. In the first half of the year , Xianghao new materials 、 Boyi phase II 、 Guangzhou Restaurant phase II 、 Southwest water pump, etc 13 Projects are under construction ; Along the winding electronic 、 Fat brother Yaochen 、 Kaick phase II 、 Tianyi Yunlong middle school 、 Jiayu environmental protection, etc 15 The main body of the project is completed . At present, Pangge Yaochen phase I has been put into operation , Along the winding electronic 、 Jiayu environmental protection 、 Tianyi Yunlong middle school and other projects will soon be put into operation .

Xiangtan Tianyi Economic Development Zone industrial project construction site .

Around the leading industries and Xianglian 、 Betel nut 、 Sepiolite three characteristic resources , Precise investment promotion , Reinforcing chain . In the first half of the year , A total of projects were introduced 32 individual , Successfully signed the second phase of Huangye 、 Wu zizui 、 Huiyang packaging and other projects with more than 100 million yuan 8 individual , introduction 10 Yujia food project settled in Jiahai Industrial Park , The food industry in the park is further expanded .

1-6 month , Industrial investment in the park increased year-on-year 25.2%, The proportion in the total investment is 73.3%, Accounting for more than the same period last year 6.8 percentage .

For standard “ Five good ”, Enabling the park to develop high-quality

Talk about the next stage of work , The person in charge of Tianyi Economic Development Zone said , We will seize the opportunity of Chang Zhu Tan Integration , Thoroughly implement the provincial Party committee “ Three high and four new ” Strategy and municipal Party committee “ 162 ” engineering , Close to the county Party Committee “ Civilization and quality improvement 、 Promotion of the top 100 、 Develop and improve efficiency , Strive to be the leader of high-quality development of county economy and society ” The goal is , To create “ Five good ” The park is the starting point , Benchmarking planning and positioning 、 The innovation platform is good 、 Industrial projects are good 、 Good mechanism and system 、 Good image development “ Five good ” requirement , We will vigorously deepen reform and innovation , Vigorously promote the construction of industrial projects , Focus on breaking the bottleneck of factors , Fully promote the high-quality development of the park in the new development stage .

Focus on specialization and innovation , Strengthen and optimize the main and special industries , Strive to expand the scale of main and special industries 、 Make great efforts to build a modern industrial system . Focus on supporting Guangzhou restaurants 、 Wuzhoutong and other leading food and pharmaceutical enterprises , Sepiolite Industrial Park 、 Feishanqi and other new material leading enterprises , Shaoli electric 、 Smart technology and other intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises , From the vertical supply chain and horizontal public services, gather the chain and strengthen the chain . To Boyi Industrial Park 、 Hongxin Industrial Park 、 Jiahai Industrial Park as the carrier , Actively connect with advanced manufacturing enterprises 、 professional “ Little giant ” Enterprises 、 Key parts and intermediate products manufacturing enterprises . New large-scale industrial enterprises were added throughout the year 20 Above home 、 High tech enterprises 10 Above home . Build a number of scientific and technological innovation enterprises conducive to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry 、 Finance 、 personnel 、 Various logistics service platforms , Build an industrial supporting system of simultaneous development of high-end productive and high-quality living services .

Focus on learning to catch up with , Accelerate the construction of industrial projects , Strive to introduce 、 Land quickly 、 Go into production 、 Work hard to achieve quick results . Continue to increase investment attraction in Dongcheng District , Track and connect Yurun 、 Gongs 、 Zhengwei international and other industry leaders , Promote the implementation of the project as soon as possible . Focus on promoting the second phase of Boyi Industrial Park 、 Guangzhou Restaurant phase II 、 Fat brother Yaochen phase II 、 Bofu printing and other industrial projects , Make every effort to ensure the Internet of things 、 Sanlong rail transit, etc 15 More than industrial projects have been put into operation .

The journey is long , Only struggle . The person in charge of Tianyi Economic Development Zone said , We will continue our efforts , Anchor the target , All engines , Sprint year-round goals and tasks , Create for “ Five good ” Lay the foundation for the park .

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