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Shuangfeng: introduce "dry goods" measures to continuously optimize the business environment

2021-08-28 04:54:19 Red Net

Red net moment Loudi 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Wu Haiqing Feng Bingtian )“ The business environment in the county is getting better and better , Less than two months , I got all the relevant documents , The project also started smoothly .”8 month 23 Japan , Shuangfeng economic development zone , Zhu shoudian, head of Hunan Tianhong Material Technology Co., Ltd., said .

Tianhong material is mainly engaged in stainless steel production and sales , This year, , The company plans to invest 1.08 $ , New stainless steel products deep processing project , Production of stainless steel intelligent kitchenware , Extend the industrial chain of enterprises . But the planning permit required for the new plant 、 Land use certificate 、 Construction permit and other certificates , Let Zhu shoudian make a mistake :“ There are many formalities required to handle the certificate 、 Many materials , We are not professional , At first, it is expected that it will take at least half a year to get the certificate done .”

Government staff came to the door again and again , Solved the difficulty of Zhu shoudian . Shuangfeng County key construction project affairs center took the initiative to visit and solve problems , The county housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau provides “ Motherhood ” Whole process agency service . After completing all the pre procedures ,8 month 20 Japan , Zhu shoudian successfully obtained the construction permit .

In recent years , Shuangfeng County has continued to deepen “ The pipes suit ” reform , Better business environment , Promote development by grasping projects , Promote the project to fast forward and fast become .8 month 17 Japan , Bimodal again “ Force ”, Introduce measures to further improve the work style and optimize the business environment 30 The measures , Introduce the post responsibility system 、AB Post system 、 First inquiry responsibility system 、 Accountability system and other measures to improve the efficiency of government services “ Ten systems ”, It is strictly prohibited to ignore the demands of the masses and enterprises 、 Pass on expenses to enterprises 、 Abuse of discretion in law enforcement and other factors that damage the business environment “ Ten situations ”, Compaction related responsibilities , Strengthen service awareness , change “ Evasive thinking ” by “ Responsible for thinking ”, Provide for project construction “ The acceleration ”.

Continue to optimize the business environment , Let good projects continue to settle in Shuangfeng .2021 year , Shuangfeng plans to implement key projects 146 individual , The total investment 359 One hundred million yuan , Annual investment 110 One hundred million yuan .

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