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1.5T + 7 speed, another 'double top ten'! The Roewe i5 GT was actually photographed, and the sense of movement was almost bursting

2021-08-28 04:57:53 Pacific automobile network

How to interpret a car as a sports wind ? A radical look armed to the teeth , Car body design of car running , And the dynamic performance of a small steel gun , Only with these elements can you include yourself in the sports model . SAIC Roewe debuted its new model Roewe i5 GT In addition to integrating the above features , It also has many practical attributes , It must be very good news for young people who pursue individuality , Don't talk much , Let's see it first !


Sports style is very trendy

The new Roewe i5 GT It's based on cash i5 A new derivative model , The new car is located in the sports model in terms of modeling design and power equipment , The more exaggerated front face has a great visual impact , With some blackened elements , Let it really have the aura that a sports car should have .


Double large LCD screens are enough to attract eyes

The interior adopts a minimalist design concept , Make the center console Cleaner . and 12.3+10.25 The two inch LCD screen has improved its scientific and technological properties , The central control touch screen is equipped with internet car Venus intelligent system , Support voice commands 、ACC Full speed range adaptive cruise control 、L2 Level 1 driving assistance 、 Mobile Internet 、APP Application download and other current mainstream functions .


Space for daily needs

The performance of space is in line with the rules , The rear seats support integrated reclining , But it can't be flat after being put down , Slightly affect the expansion of storage capacity , But there is absolutely no problem with daily use . The seat is soft and hard , It has good support and wrapping feeling , Long distance driving is not easy to produce fatigue .


powertrain :1.5T+7DCT

Dynamic part , The new Roewe i5 GT Equipped with Ward's top ten engines , It also matches the top ten in the world 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , The most powerful 127kW, Maximum torque 275N·m. Visual data performance is at the upstream level compared with models of the same level .

It is worth mentioning that , This set of 1.5T Blue core high efficiency engine , Can achieve 350bar High pressure fuel injection technology 、 depth M Cycle and high response electronically controlled turbocharger technology , The benefit is to intuitively reduce fuel consumption 、 Improve engine thermal efficiency and be able to 1500rpm The turbine can quickly intervene to release the maximum torque , The power output is more linear .

The same matching top ten gearbox adopts the world's first three chamber honeycomb technology , Pressurization can be realized independently 、 lubrication 、 cooling , It solves the problems of shift smoothness and slow transmission efficiency , And this technology also has strong durability .


Editor's summary :

Definition of motion , roewe i5 GT Indeed, it has reached the standard of a sports vehicle in terms of design, configuration and power matching . Although it is a brand new model , But with its predecessor, Roewe i5 After paving the way for the success of and iteratively upgrading the motion attributes , roewe i5 GT It still has very good market competitiveness in the main sports compact models , The price we are concerned about has not been disclosed this time , We will continue to follow up and report as soon as possible .

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