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Listing is the focus, 218 horsepower, fuel consumption of 4.8L, double champion of sales volume preservation, and impeccable household

2021-08-28 05:00:41 Oriental Information automobile

In the car market , Each brand or car line has its own tonality . Independent brands rely on cost performance to strengthen their competitiveness , Joint venture brands rely on maturity and stability to step on users' pain points , Luxury brands cater to the consumer market with word-of-mouth and image . You know, creating a perfect brand image is far more difficult than building technology or products , Products or technologies can be achieved in a very short time through the accumulation of human and financial resources , The brand image is formed by a persistent positive attitude and accumulated public praise .

So we can see , Luxury brands in the market are divided into three classes , Like Cadillac 、 Volvo 、 Lincoln and others are divided into two camps , With the primary camp BBA There are very obvious class differences , This also directly causes them, even if they have a price 、 The product has dual advantages , But in terms of sales, it has always been unable to keep up BBA, This is the disadvantage derived from the difference of brand height .

However, in the field of luxury , One brand is a special case , It's Lexus , The market does not clearly distinguish the class of the brand , Put it in the front-line luxury camp , Rich Luxury gene and excellent market reputation seem to have no sense of violation , At the same time, the brand's products also have second-line luxury guide prices , Like lexus ES models , As a luxury C Levels of car , The guided price of the car is 29.49 Ten thousand yuan -48.89 Ten thousand yuan , Far below the same level BBA The models .

Maybe that's why the car is very popular in China , from 2020 It is known from the purchase data of new vehicle compulsory insurance in , lexus ES The total sales volume of the model is 114641 car , And become the first in the sales of luxury brand imported models . meanwhile , lexus ES It is also the one with the highest value preservation rate in the field of large cars in the whole domestic automobile market , According to the data released by China Automobile Circulation Association , lexus ES Model No 1 The annual hedging rate is 97.88%, The first 3 The annual hedging rate is 85.83%, And came to the first place. 5 The car's value preservation rate can still reach 65.39%, You know, in the 5 It can still reach 60% There are only a few of the above models , And it's far above the average of its peers . The hedging rate at the same level is the first 、 The sales volume of imported models ranks first , Sales volume preservation Double Champion , All of them explain the recognition of the car in the front-end and rear markets .

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